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Re: pkg_alternatives, Darwin and locale

Louis Guillaume wrote:
> It seems that pkg_alternatives breaks on Darwin if the locale is  
> anything but "C".  This is because the negation symbol (¬) is used as a  
> delimiter and for some reason (bug or other) tr on Darwin can't deal  
> with that in a en_US locale. sed has problems too.

Escaping - you're doing it wrong. With all due respect, this wrapper script
deserves some WTF award. No, ISO-8859-1 is not exactly a smart choice in 1968
err 2008. Maybe, just maybe, it was actually never intented to be anything
but a plain ASCII character and the unfortunate result of a custom keyboard

> Who knows when Apple will fix this? Maybe we can't wait!

What is Apple supposed to fix? History?


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