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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/shells/zsh

Geert Hendrickx <> schrieb:
> Isn't it a bit strange for a package to depend on a perl module while it does
> not depend on perl?  Btw, do we install the affected perl script at all?
> I don't want my shell to have a dependency on perl just because of a script
> that is included for the benefit of zsh developers only[1]...

I suggest other packages to be evaluated from this point of view,
too. At least ghostscript, psutils and xboard could do with options
excluding perl from dependencies:

ghostscript only has "", psutils quite a few similar
"fix*" scripts, and only such; xboard only has "cmail", which is
apparently for people playing chess via e-mail. All in all not
particularly useful to the majority of users, I'd argue...

Dennis den Brok

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