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Re: pidgin-otr

     I'm having problems running pidgin-otr. It claims there's some api
  version incompatability. Has anyone else seen this?

no.  Any particular versions you are using?  Here:

> pkg_info|egrep pidgin\|otr
pidgin-2.4.2nb1     Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client GTK frontend
pidgin-otr-3.2.0    Plugin for pidgin to add OTR (Off-The-Record) encryption
libotr-3.2.0        Library for Off-The-Record encrypted messaging

You do need matching pidgin-otr and libotr.  Upstream is like that.

     pkgsrc-current, on NetBSD/amd64 4.0.

with all packages up to date?  I am up to date as of 2 July and running
pidgin-otr without trouble.

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