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[RFC] net/csup "cvs mode" (repo mirroring) support


The author of csup is currently developing
"CVS mode" support, i.e. support for mirroring
the CVS repository itself.  Its developmental
status notwithstanding, my experience thusfar
with it has been excellent, and I've yet to
come across any munged files, etc.  Attached
to this message is a patch for net/csup which
adds this support via a distribution patch.
I've also cleaned up net/csup/Makefile somewhat.

I'm interested to hear about others' experience
with the CVS mode support.  At the very least,
IMHO this should be committed to pkgsrc as a
seperate "devel-" package, and it might even
be stable enough to supplant net/csup entirely.

It sure beats rsync! ;)



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