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Re: 2008Q1 on OpenSolaris snv_90 with Sun Studio 12 freezes during bootstrap

Hello Chavdar, Jonathan and List,

(merging both answers)

2008/7/1 Jonathan Groll <>:
> On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 09:45:57PM +0200, Christian Walther wrote:
>> Hi,
> SPARC or x86? On SPARC, (build 85) I have successfully bootstrapped
> with the gcc that sun ship - try that perhaps?

Ouch, forgot this one. I'm on x86.

2008/7/1 Chavdar Ivanov <>:
> On 30/06/2008, Christian Walther <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I'm on current OpenSolaris snv_90 with the new release of Suns own
>>  compiler, Studio 12 installed its default location and symlinked to
>>  the /usr hierarchy.
> What is this symlink hierarchy for?

It's just /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc and friends being linked to /usr/bin/cc...

> I just did successful bootstrap under OpenSolaris snv_91, using
> SunStudioExpress, just following README.Solaris.
>>  I downloaded pkgsrc 2008Q1
> I use snapshot of HEAD as downloaded an hour ago from

Hm, I think I'll give this a try, too. Maybe there's something wrong
with 2008Q1 on Solaris.
I don't know what's happening in
/datapool/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bmake/SunOS/unit-tests/Makefile but
appears to be some sed magic. That's why I doubt that it's a compiler
issue, but maybe cc messed something up when compiling bmake.

Thanks for your input, I keep you posted.

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