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Re: xorg: normal user 'startx' command causes black blank screen --- fixed

Hmm, i think i need to make clean clean-depends. Let me try again.

Cem Kayali wrote:

Well i have updated pkgsrc an hour ago, and did

make clean ; make replace

to reinstall xorg, but it didn't create /usr/pkg/bin/startx file. The only startx is under /usr/X11R6/bin


Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

I updated the pkgsrc xinit with the fix.

Updated your pkgsrc to at least x11/xinit/Makefile revision 1.11.

Be sure to use full path to startx (like /usr/pkg/bin/startx) or have your execute path use /usr/pkg/bin before /usr/X11R6/bin.

And fix your previous changed links for X.

And let us know if that works for you.

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