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Re: a package without a source tarball?

Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
I've been asked to create a package when there doesn't seem to be an
easily-accessible source tarball.  All that's available -- see -- is an SVN repository.
I've found other examples of packages based on googlecode stuff; they
generally pull in a .bz2 file.  However, the corresponding URL here
simply pulls in a compiled version for Linux.

The official way to get the source is to use svn.  In theory, I suppose
I could add a dependency for devel/subversion, and override fetch to do
that.  That strikes me as, umm, not the greatest idea...
Alternatively, I could have a pre-fetch that pulled in each individual
file (there aren't very many) via http and built a tarball, while
relying on the distinfo checksum for version control.  That would be
faster, but only slightly more aesthetic.  Any better suggestions?

                --Steve Bellovin,

Grab the files now as they stand and wrap them up in a tarball with an appropriate name e.g. pidgin-facebookchat-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz. Upload the tarball to ftp.n.o and mark that as the MASTER_SITE.


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