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removing security/pflkm


I'm about to remove the security/pflkm package. It was made for NetBSD
2.0 which is not supported anymore, and this package is old and buggy
and I don't maintain it.
But I'd like to keep the functionality provided by the file:
detection of the pfvar.h header and pf version.

I was thinking of something like below which would go into
mk/ Would this be the 'right' way to do this?

(please cc me on replies)

# $NetBSD$
# Makefile fragment for packages using pf.
# The following variables are set by this file:
#   PFVAR_H     The path to the pfvar.h header file.
#   PFCTL       The path to the pfctl program.
#   PF_VERSION  The detected PF version (as in OpenBSD).

.if !defined(PF_BUILDLINK3_MK)
PF_BUILDLINK3_MK=       #defined

.include "../../mk/"

# Platforms where pf is available on.
ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM?=     NetBSD-[3-9]*-* OpenBSD-[3-9]*-* FreeBSD-[5-9]*-* \

# Detect the pfvar.h header.
.if exists(/usr/include/net/pfvar.h)
_PFVAR_H=       /usr/include/net/pfvar.h        
.elif exists(/usr/include/net/pf/pfvar.h)
_PFVAR_H=       /usr/include/net/pf/pfvar.h
PKG_FAIL_REASON+=       "Couldn't find pfvar.h header; please make sure that 
this header is available in /usr/include/net."

PFVAR_H?=       ${_PFVAR_H}
PFCTL?=         /sbin/pfctl

# Compute the version number of the PF API by checking for the presence
# of symbols added in newer versions and store the result in ${PF_VERSION}.

# Default to the first version with PF, which was OpenBSD 3.0.
PF_VERSION=     3.0

.if !empty(PFVAR_H)
# OpenBSD 4.2: pf_statelist added
_PF_4_2!=       ${GREP} -c pf_statelist ${PFVAR_H} || ${TRUE}
# OpenBSD 4.1: PF_OSFP_INET6 added
_PF_4_1!=       ${GREP} -c PF_OSFP_INET6 ${PFVAR_H} || ${TRUE}
# OpenBSD 3.8: pf_socket_lookup added
_PF_3_8!=       ${GREP} -c pf_socket_lookup ${PFVAR_H} || ${TRUE}
# OpenBSD 3.7: pf_threshold added
_PF_3_7!=       ${GREP} -c pf_threshold ${PFVAR_H} || ${TRUE}
# OpenBSD 3.6: pf_cksum_fixup added
_PF_3_6!=       ${GREP} -c pf_cksum_fixup ${PFVAR_H} || ${TRUE}

.    if ${_PF_4_2} != "0"
PF_VERSION=     4.2
.    elif ${_PF_4_1} != "0"
PF_VERSION=     4.1
.    elif ${_PF_3_8} != "0"
PF_VERSION=     3.8
.    elif ${_PF_3_7} != "0"
PF_VERSION=     3.7
.    elif ${_PF_3_6} != "0"
PF_VERSION=     3.6
.    endif

.endif  # PF_BUILDLINK3_MK

Peter Postma

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