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pkg_install-renovation status

Hi all,
the branch has seen the most important work. What is implemented are
switching pkg_add and pkg_info completly over to libfetch and
libarchive, optional signature verification code using OpenSSL and
generally stream lined code.

What is left:
- pkg_install.conf(5) needs to be written
- testing, testing, testing
- SIGINFO handlers

Possible regressions:
- @option preserve is ignored
- ``pkg_add -s'' is not supported (see VERIFIED_INSTALLATION) in the pkg_add
  man page for an alternative
- ``pkg_add -'' is not supported
- ``pkg_add -u'' will not do a pre-scan for potentially conflicting

The problem with pkg_create and packages created with older versions
will be fixed by the next libarchive update.

This mail is a general call for testing and feedback. Just checkout the
branch using 
        cd pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_install && cvs up -r pkg_install-renovation
and install it.


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