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Re: Listing Variables to be set under pkgsrc installation (pkg env variables?)

OBATA Akio wrote:
You can put a following fragment in /etc/mk.conf,
and do "make show-depends-build-defs".

.PHONY: show-depends-build-defs
    ${RUN}                                \
    ${_DEPENDS_WALK_CMD} ${PKGPATH} |                \
    while read dir; do                        \
        ${ECHO} "===> BUILD DEFs for $${dir}" &&        \
        cd ${.CURDIR}/../../$$dir &&                \
        ${RECURSIVE_MAKE} ${MAKEFLAGS} show-build-defs;    \

--On 2008/05/04 22:31 +0200 Michael Kell Jensen <> 

Is there a way to see every message for all the packages involved
When installing on pkgsrc application.
Not the MESSAGES files. but the notes about what environment variables
can be set under compilation etc.

When a application package is dependent on many other packages it is
hard  to see which variables can be changed.
Because they are scrolled by with a lot of other information.
is there a way to see beforehand which variables can be set and affected
  before installing an application.

Example could be ZSH_STATIC. which is seen when compiling the ZSH shell.
It is relavitely easy to catch, but when compiling larger applications.
It is hard to see (and normally i doent sit and look at all the output
while compiling :) )

Or is there a better way!?

Regards cognacc

Hi thanks for the answer.
But i can't get it to work

When doing a make show-depends-build-defs
it says:
make: "/etc/mk.conf" line 31: Need an operator

Where line 31 means about here i think.
 ${ECHO} "===> BUILD DEFs for $${dir}" &&        \
        cd ( ${.CURDIR}/../../$$dir &&                \
        ${RECURSIVE_MAKE} ${MAKEFLAGS} show-build-defs);    \

I tired removing some line extensions.

I also looked for the variables in /usr/pkgsrc/mk/*
But i must admit i don't quite get what is going on and how to fix it ???


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