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various build dependencies

Due to circumstances that probably aren't relevant, I decided to build
all the packages on one of my machines over from scratch.  A number of
them didn't build, so there'll be a series of emails from me on each
of the problems as I look into them...

The first is that many of the packages I wanted didn't build because
they depended on gnomeVFS which didn't build.  The problems were
related to packages that the gnomeVFS build actually depended on,
directly or indirectly, but which didn't get built.  This makes
./configure fail with a useful message about the missing package, and
so I could manually go and build it and continue on.  This worked fine
for the first few I encountered: libgcrypt (required by gnutls), lzo
(required directly by gnomeVFS), and libcfg+ (also by gnomeVFS).

Then it reports needing opencdk, but doing a "make install" (or just
"make") in opencdk doesn't do anything, it just exits back to the
shell.  I haven't investigated this further, yet.  I decided it was
time to take a break and send off the message about the dependencies
I'd already found...

Dependencies should be system independant, but in case it matters,
this was on a: "NetBSD 3.0.1 i386" system.  I started the process by
doing a pkg_delete of all the old packages, most of which hadn't been
updated since the machine was built in late 2006 and included some I
no longer use.  Then I ran a script which did "make install" in the
pkgsrc directories of the packages I wanted, logging the output so I
could do the analysis of any that failed.


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