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Re: impending update of amanda packages to 2.5.2p1

>>>>> Greg Troxel writes:

Greg> I think chunker listens on a socket, and ends up on v6 instead
Greg> of v4, and then the incoming v4 connections don't hit the v6
Greg> socket (by default on BSD, seems to violate RFCs).

Ahhhh, OK, that problem again! And yes, I can see that with netstat
too, it is only listening on the v6 address.

Greg> Do you have chunksize set?  Does your machine have v6 addresses?

No chunksize set. I have the v6 address configured that you get "for
free" with the v4 address, but nothing else.

Greg> Try setting
Greg> sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.v6only=0

Yup, that did it, thanks!

I see in the mailing list archives that there has been a few quite
heated discussions on the default for that sysctl, so I won't bring
that up again... :-)

But still, isn't this really an error in amanda? I mean it should not
assume that this automatic v6-v4 mappings happens on all systems that
support v6?

It would be nice if amanda could work out of the box on NetBSD.

Thanks again for the help,

       -- Urban

P.S. Just checked on my Mac - it seems to have net.inet6.ip6.v6only=0
as a default.

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