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Re: gettext-tools configure error -

Tim Noell wrote:
Hi pkgsrc-users:

I am trying to upgrade a pkgsrc tree and am running info a configure error in devel/gettext-tools (details below). I searched the archives and saw some chatter about it, but either the stuff I found doesn't apply, or I don't understand the issue well enough to know that I am staring at the answer ( my apologies if this is the case ... :/ ) Same for the few results that Google turned up.

got the same error here using a minimal debian "lenny" (gcc 4.2.3)
setup created using debootstrap

Rather than fixing this in gettext-tools, I'm thinking (from devel/gettext-lib package) got built incorrectly and should list as a NEEDED shared library, so that client apps don't need to know to include -lcharset on their linker lines. I grepped around in gettext-lib but didn't see any settings for this ... How/where would I fix this? Or is there a better place to fix it? Or am I all washed up?

hacking in


into converters/libiconv/

seemed to fix things here ..

reading up on buildlink to find out how to do this 'properly' ..

posted this in case I don't get around to it quickly..

once I do, will send-pr with the appropriate details & respond to thread.

- Chris

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