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openoffice2 powerpoint problem on amd64-current

I'm trying to run native Openoffice2 on an amd64-current system.  When
I try to save a presentation in Powerpoint format, it pops up a box
saying "Error save the document ...: Write Error.  The file could not
be written."  There are no other messages, and I can save the file in
the same directory in .odp format.  Any suggestions?  Not being able to
generate Powerpoint is a serious problem for me.  (Not that I
particularly want to use Powerpoint -- I create most of my slides using
LaTeX -- but sometimes I have to use it for compatibility with others.)

Note: this is, as I noted, native Openoffice2, which I compiled
myself.  Linux32 emulation isn't working well enough for me, per a post
the other day about acroread.

                --Steve Bellovin,

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