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Re: Method to override buildlink inclusion

Martijn van Buul <> writes:

> For a few software packages, there are several versions in pkgsrc -
> especially if you include wip into consideration. For example, there's
> lang/clisp, wip/clisp and wip/clisp-current, and they're all
> different. Likewise for lang/mono and wip/mono. Is there a clean way
> to inform pkgsrc that I do *not* want lang/mono (since it won't even
> compile), but that it should use wip/mono instead?

Are you talking about the package being a dependency?

> I'm even prepared to do this on a per-package basis. Right now, I have to
> modify the package makefile and change the included buildlink, and I can't
> help but wonder if there isn't a more elegant solution. 

which package makefile do you have to modify?

Two proper solutions come to mind:

  a) commit the wip versions into real pkgsrc

  b) add a mk/ file that enables switching, like we do for various
  providers of the same code in pkgsrc

In these cases b seems a bit silly.

Have you written to the maintainers?  I don't use either of these, and
thus can't judge if they're ok.  The wip/mono package is not even a week
old, and wip/clisp seems to have been created on 2008-01-29, which puts
it at 2 weeks.

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