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SPARC Solaris pkgsrc users

Hi, I think there are a few people who use pkgsrc on SPARC Solaris systems.
Sun have recently released GCC For SPARC Systems 4.2.0. This is GCC compiler 
that has been modified by Sun to use their optimising code generator. This 
should produce faster and more efficient code than plain GCC on SPARC 

The previous release was 4.0.4, which would crash with compiler error when 
building some KDE packages. I run KDE on an old Ultra 10, so I think 
optimised binaries will give me a bit of performance boost. At the moment I'm 
rebuilding KDE and other packages with GCCFSS 4.2.0.

If you would like to give it a try, you can download it from

Scroll down to "Development Tools" and download

GCC For SPARC Systems 4.2.0
Sun Code Generator for SPARC Systems 4.2.0

then unpack the tar files under /opt or your home directory

To find out more about GCCFSS go to

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