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Re: Modular

Selon Matthias Scheler <>:

> BTW: this is really a "pkgsrc" and not a XEN problem. May I suggest that you
>      send your question to "" again?


As suggested in port-xen@, I'm sending my question here:

On a fresh NetBSD/amd64 current (snapshot 200801190002Z) without any XFree set,
I've pkgsrc-ed a modular server, following the instructions in a Howto[1].
I then have successfully build sysutils/xentools3 and sysutils/xenkernel3, but
when I want to build sysutils/xentools3-hvm, make ends with the following error

ERROR: This package has set PKG_FAIL_REASON:
ERROR: Do not include for X11_TYPE != "native".
*** Error code 1

My /etc/mk.conf says "X11_TYPE=modular", as needed to compile xorg server, but
why would that prevent me from building xentools3-hvm ? Is there any workaround
so far ?



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