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xpkgwedge, imake, and modular Xorg

Hi pkgsrc users,

I upgraded from Xorg 6.9 to modular Xorg on my NetBSD 4.0
system sometime ago, and had a problem compiling several
packages afterwards, with imake complaining that it could
not find Imake.tmpl.  I am not familiar with imake/xmkmf,
and searching the mailing list and the web did not provide
me with an answer, but finally today I almost accidentally
realized that for some reason I had xpkgwedge installed on
my system, which was not removed even after I thought I had
deleted all old Xorg packages.  Deleting xpkgwedge solved
the problem. Since monolithic Xorg is still included in
pkgsrc, I thought I would document this in case someone
should face the same issue.

Perhaps someone with a better understanding of the process
could update the NetBSD wiki page [1] with instructions on
how to upgrade from monolithic to modular Xorg?

[1] <>


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