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Re: KDE-4 in pkgsrc?

On Tue, 08 Jan 2008, Martijn van Buul wrote:
> How far along are these? Are they supposed to work, waiting for the
> day that KDE4 gets released, or is there still a lot of work to be
> done?

They build and generally run on current/i386 though they have only 
been lightly tested.  There is the issue of PR lib/37654 that needs 
to be addressed.  Others have successfully built (some of?) them on 
4.0/i386.  There are various "optional" libraries that we probably 
want to build against but don't currently because the packages don't 
exist yet (eg. libgs, Soprano).

> For example, I noticed the other day that kdelibs4 refuses to 
> build on amd64 due to linker problems. I tried hunting it down, but
> it's a bit hairy. It's doubtful that kde picked it up themselves,
> as far as I know NetBSD/amd64's ld is a lot more picky than its
> linux (or i386) equivalent.

Thomas Klausner fixed that particular problem a few days ago.  You 
need to update qt4-tools to 4.3.3nb1 to get the shared lib version of 
libQtUiTools.  To build kdewebdev4 on amd64 will require a similar 
fix to libtidy (I think Thomas is looking at that).

Also for kdelibs-4.0.0 (in a couple of days) you will need qt4-libs 
version 4.3.3nb1.


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