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Re: pkg_rolling-replace: gftp?

When someting doesn't work with pkg_rolling-replace, please simplify by
finding out what it is trying to do and then try to do that step
manually.  I realize that pkg_rolling-replace seems complicated, but
really all it is doing is cding to a src directory and doing make clean
followed by make replace package clean.

In this case, cd to /usr/pkgsrc/net/gftp and do the make replace.  You
will notice that the directory is gone.  Indeed tron removed it from
pkgsrc last March.

So, to fix your system:

  pkg_delete gftp

or, go read the logs about why it's gone and decide what you want to do.

There's indeed a defect in pkg_rolling-replace; it should merely warn
that gftp has been removed and continue to replace the other
outdated/unsafe_depends packages.

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