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good RSS feed reader for amd64?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good feed reader for amd64?
I've been using claws-mail-rssyl; it, however, has some bugs that seem
to show up mostly on amd64 and rarely on i386.  (They don't show up at
all on Linux, which makes me suspect that they're thread-related.  I
still hope to find them, but I haven't yet.)  I've also used liferea;
however, it uses libgtkhtml2 as its rendering engine and the developers
of liferea say that that just doesn't work on amd64.  I tried it; it
crashed any time I tried doing anything...  The best choice for a
rendering engine for liferea appears to be xulrun; apart from the
fact that it's not in pkgsrc, the web pages for it make it seem
unappealing (stable has lots of security holes, and the development
version is a moving target.)  I've also built a proto-package for straw,
but apart from the fact that it has some dbus-related peculiarities, I
don't like the way it looks.

                --Steve Bellovin,

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