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Re: lang/ghc for netbsd amd64?

> Why isnt lang/ghc avaible for NetBSD amd64?

You could ask the ghc maintainers? :-)

Briefly, porting ghc is Not Trivial.

A few months back I made a few stabs at trying to make it run on amd64
and macppc.  If I recall correctly, the GHC build system wants to use an
existing ghc during the build, and has serious issues related to cross-
builds, particularly when the target architecture has different data
sizes than the host, as is the case when doing i386 -> amd64.

For macppc (I tried on 3.1), I managed to get a first-phase interpreted
ghc to build, but I got stuck on issues related to the linker when trying
to build a "native" ghc; specifically ld failed to pick up objects in
some of the built libraries even though the symbols it wanted were


- Håvard

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