Subject: Re: Several problems with Gnome 2.18/pkgsrc2007/Q3 on macppc
To: None <>
From: David H. Gutteridge <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 10/31/2007 21:52:24
Frank Wille wrote:
>Just for the record, replying to myself concerning the complete lockup of
>Firefox and Epiphany when started under Gnome 2.18:
>I found out it has to do with dbus-launch. When running Gnome, or a
>different window-manager, without it, then the browsers work flawlessly.
>Because I realized that without dbus-launch the "theme" in Gnome is lost, I
>experimented with different themes, and by using "Glider" instead of
>"Clearlooks" I was finally successful. Firefox no longer freezes!
>So changing the theme seems to be a workaround, but there is a problem
>somewhere (fonts?) !

Hi Frank,

For what it's worth, I've been using Gnome 2.16 on macppc (3.1) for the
past year without much trouble.  (I can make Nautilus crash fairly
predictably if I download new documents like PDFs to my desktop, but
that's about it.)  I've been hesitating to upgrade because I assumed
there were probably hurdles like this.

Concerning a problem with fonts, are you referring to Firefox?  If so,
see my comments in the following postings:

I'll be upgrading to 4.0 shortly so I'll see if that changes anything.
I believe people have found running -current is better for Firefox.