Subject: Re: Firefox on recent NetBSDs?
To: None <>
From: David H. Gutteridge <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 10/19/2007 15:21:37
>>Is the problem with the disappearing menus and randomly
>>resizing/disappearing elements fixed, then?

>Looks sane now.

>>Firefox on macppc is a disaster.

>The rendering bugs disappeared when Andy replaced the thread library,  so 
>in 4.0 they're likely still present.

The workaround for this I've used with NetBSD 3.x is to disable all
compiler optimizations when building Firefox.  This makes Firefox
slower, but the glitches go away.  (I had understood the glitches were
due to compiler bugs in the GCC 3.x series.  I've been meaning to
upgrade to a 4.0 RC but haven't done so yet, so I can't comment on if
the newer GCC release fixes any of these troubles.)