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Re: Package binaries for NetBSD/sparc64 2.0 / pkgsrc-2006Q1


I've uploaded the new files in the results of a bulk build for
NetBSD/sparc64 to

This time, 1.9GB of packages were merged into the earlier result.
Updates were arts, chmlib, dia, freeciv-*, gd, gnupg*, kdebase,
mutt, sendmail, sylpheed, thunderbird, ,tiff, and wv2.  Plus, all
the rebuilds triggered by those updates...

The source this was built from was updated June 26 2006, and this
was the last update for pkgsrc-2006Q1.  I'll switch my tree to
pkgsrc-2006Q2 and start a new build.

The build was done on a machine running NetBSD 2.0.2, and most of
these packages should be usable on newer versions of the OS.


- Håvard

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