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assistance with mklivecd

Hi All,

How can I get the kernel to use memory(stack) for the core mounts (/etc,
/tmp, etc)?  I am using the NetBSD 3.0 GENERIC config instead of the one
included with the mklivecd release as it does not have all the necessary
drivers.  I also changed the 'config' to the following within GENERIC:

config          netbsd  root on cd0a type cd9660 dumps on none

I have attached two screenshots of my VMWare instance that I am spawning
the .iso created by mklivecd.  

Error1.gif - happened while the system was booting.  
Error2.gif - just goes into an infinite loop and I can't get any
Fstab - copy of the fstab within the iso

I assume all of this has to do with the ability for the OS to be able to
write to the CD.  I'm assuming I'll need to use swap space?

Thank you again for your help.

Best Regards,

Chris M

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