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Re: [Package Suggestion] Socker

Christian Biere wrote:
> Let me cite the webpage:
> "Socker is a helper tool and library which allows giving unprivileged
> processes access to privileged sockets. It is currently known to work
> on FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux systems. Socker is distributed under a
> BSD license."

> Of course, it's not very useful unless programs start using it. For
> what it's worth, I'm considering adding the possibility to use
> the good old LD_PRELOAD trick, so that existing programs can use it
> without the need of modifications  - unless they have some built-in
> precautions against this.

I have added this feature now, so in theory it should work with any
application. The wrapper supports only PF_INET and PF_INET6.
See for more information.

I've also updated the pkgsrc metadata:


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