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Subject: Re: Recent pthread change to Mesa

[apologies for the lack of threading and proper quoting - I'm not currently subscribed to this list, and should have asked for CCs]

> > This machine is running NetBSD 2.0_RC5.
How old are the X11 binaries? We linked all X11 libraries with "libpthread"
unconditonally for some time. If your system has X11 libraries with
this problem it might explain your Mesa problems.

The X11 binaries are from a similar vintage, IIRC.

There do not appear to be any libraries in /usr/X11R6/lib which are linked against libpthread.

> It shouldn't be the latter, because I ran pkg_chk -r before building
> anything. So, unless there's a PKGREVISION bump missing somewhere...

> Did you have old binaries packages on the box? "pkg_chk" might
> accidently install old binary packages (see PR pkg/32790 for details).

pkg_chk -rn reports nothing which is now out of date, so I think it's safe to say that old binary packages haven't been installed.

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