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Re: thunderbird/mozilla and ldap

On Friday 03 March 2006 12:34, Mark Davies wrote:
> Has anyone got ldap directory lookup working in any of the source based
> thunderbird or mozilla packages (On NetBSD or other platform)?
> I have ldap configured equivalently in thunderbird-1.5, mozilla-gtk2-1.7.12
> and netscape7 (linux binary)  and only the netscape7 will successfully
> lookup addresses in the ldap directory.  tcpdump shows me that thunderbird
> and mozilla don't even try to talk to the ldap server.

I haven't made a lot of progress on this, concentrating on thunderbird: if I 
run the thunderbird 1.5 linux binary release then ldap works but if I build 
the source package it doesn't.  I noticed that our package only builds some 
of the default extensions that are normally built, missing pref, webservices, 
universalchardet and auth.  Why is that?  Adding them all seem to build ok 
(on current) and don't require additional dependencies.
pref at least seemed like it might have been relevant to my problem but
adding it didn't help.

Other differences I notice are that the linux thunderbird-bin binary is linked 
against the following shared libraries from the thunderbird directory that 
aren't linked in the source build: 
although the libraries themselves are built and installed and clearly there 
are no complaints about unresolved symbols.  I can't see any LDAP related 
conditional compilation that isn't enabled.

If I trace the two binaries they pretty quickly diverge, reading and 
presumably executing different js files but I got no feel for why.

so if anyone  has any suggestions...


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