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In message <>, 
Matthias Dro
chner writes:
> said:
>>         (sylpheed:821): Sylpheed-WARNING **: pgp_sign(): signing
>> failed: User
>Was this on -current?
>If yes, this was likely caused by the getenv_r() added to libc
>which behaves differently than the one which used to be in the
>"librfuncs" pkg.
>Could you try with librfuncs-1.0.7nb1 / gpgme-1.0.3nb3 ?
>And while I'm at it: I'll update sylpheed to 2.2.1 in a minute.
>This is unrelated to the bug, but it would be nice if you
>gave it some testing as well.

Still on 2.2.0, this made a *very* big difference.  I have no idea if it
would fix the error messages, because I'm not getting them; it's 
working now.


(I speculate that getenv_r() failures were causing it to not find my 
keyring, which caused all the other issues.)

I'll try 2.2.1 when I can.

                --Steven M. Bellovin,

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