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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/cross/mingw-binutils

John Marino <> writes:

> On 10/9/2012 19:07, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
>> * On 2012-10-09 at 18:01 BST, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
>>> Currently you have left package in a broken state since you use flag
>>> that isn't supported across GCC versions in current use.
>>> Please, revert.
>> Rather than simply reverting, I suggest you change it to
>>    BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM+=     rm:-Werror
>> instead.
> I just tested this claim and I can NOT confirm.  With the new
> flag, gcc 4.4 had no trouble whatsoever building mingw-binutils.
> Alek, did you actually *see* a broken package, or were you
> speculating?

I have just checked older compiler and it rejected the flag.

What I know for certain is that it is only about a year or two that
Solaris moved away from GCC 3.4 (or started moving away), and a year ago
we used GCC 2.95 as our main compiler for commercial product.
While I agree that GCC 3.4 is a bit strained, but Darwin (MacOS) used
GCC 4.0 not so long ago, and the most recent CentOS still uses GCC 4.1
or 4.2 as default compiler. This may be unpleasant, but this is
what it is in the wild.

I don't agree that we should favour somewhat experimental systems running
GCC 4.7 rather than more stable ones running GCC 4.1-4.4.
Personally, I'd rather see the package building with older compiler than
newer one, downgrading compiler is usually easier path.

> I wouldn't think it would give clang issues either, but going
> with Jonathan's suggestion can't hurt in this case.  I don't
> know if this trick works in every case though.


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