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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/ktorrent

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   marino
Date:           Mon Sep  3 10:14:44 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/ktorrent: DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/net/ktorrent/patches: patch-libbtcore_dht_rpcserver.cpp

Log Message:
net/ktorrent: Update version from 3.3 to 4.2.1

Changes in 4.2.1:
- Fix IP filter widget list not getting registered at startup (281245)
- Fix Queue Manager widget getting the priorities wrong (296536)

Changes in 4.2:
- Add new group switcher combobox in toolbar (290888)
- Make kio-magnet optional
- Improve handing magnet uris in search plugin
- Fix bug causing kio-magnet to deselect all files
- Close current scan widget when a new one is started for a torrent (292001)
- Fix syndication plugin not handling relative urls properly
- Fix magnet uri's not being handled properly in load torrent feature of 

Changes in 4.2rc1:
- Make it possible to check individual files of a torrent
- Data checks for multiple torrents can now get started at the same time 
- Make links clickable in the status tab comments field (266089)
- Revamp UPnP plugin (266397)
- Fix bug making it possible to add conflicting items to the schedule (268879)
- Make it possible for schedule items to span multiple days (225939)
- Include disk usage of existing files when calculating bytes left after 
download in FileSelectDlg (267220)
- Disable scripts in GUI, if no interpreter could be found for the script 
- Show shutdown plugin's config dialog when no rules are present and the enable 
button is pressed (271311)
- Make it possible to wait for several events before activating the shutdown 
- Fix wrong required diskspace calculation in some rare circumstances (271097)
- Revamp scanfolder plugin (263813, 271657)
- Revamp GUI of mediaplayer plugin
- Make properties extender a dialog (274356)
- Fix bug causing scripts not to be selectable in scripting plugin
- Show info hash in status tab
- Improve video streaming support
- Add Open With option to FileView context menu (279386)
- Fix bug causing views to not get properly restored when the application 
language changes (279588)
- Check if new trackers have a supported protocol
- Remove usage of several deprecated KDE3 networking classes
- Remove obsolete config options of datacheck during upload feature
- Improve error display of syndication plugin errors (280814)
- Remove multiple views support (281675)
- Relabel Change Tracker button into Switch Tracker to avoid user confusion 
- Revamp IP filter widget (281245)
- Fix scanfolder moving to loaded directory causing a flurry of popups about 
the torrent already being loaded (283508)
- Only enable the infowidget plugin by default (278283)
- Add force start option (213504)
- Add torrent search bar for view (269279)
- Make it possible to hide uploads, downloads and not queued torrents in the 
queue manager (253779, 251861, 210064)
- Merge status and name column into one column and use icons to show the status 
(272160, 228564)
- Highlight in bold and scroll to newly added torrents (145028)
- Show torrent names in remove torrent and data confirmation dialog (284728)
- Enable select new location button when all non excluded files are missing 
instead of when all files are missing
- Hide chunkbar when download of stream is complete (259788)
- Suspend/resume queue when middle clicking on tray icon (210027)
- Use dbus to show ktorrent window from plasma applet (287309)
- Fix crash due to dangling pointer (281196)
- Always make already loaded message of a torrent a passive popup (288201)
- Make torrent properties dialog modal (288448)
- Allow i2p addresses as a custom ip in tracker announces
- Fix bug causing homepage of search plugin not the render properly

Changes in 4.1.3:
- Fix statusbar hiding and showing not working (281674)
- Fix missing items in tray menu (282304)
- Fix move on completion location not being set when open all torrents silently 
is enabled (279582)

Changes in 4.1.2:
- Fix crash when duplicate trackers are added (274413)
- Fix bug causing quit action not be shown in system tray when not using KDE
- Fix edit script not working in scripting plugin
- Make log output suspension work again
- Fix crash when shutdown_rules files becomes corrupted (277602)
- Fix file rename leading to file being placed in the toplevel directory 

Changes in 4.1.1:
- Make sure that libktorrent translation catalog is inserted (269515)
- Fix wrong tooltip in QM preference page
- Make sure activities list is added again to the GUI after toolbars are edited 
- Prevent port conflicts from happening (268989)
- Clear labels of BasicJobProgressWidget in constructor (270035)
- Make tabbar widget icons follow KDE size changes (270277)
- Fix crash in search plugin (271516)

Changes in 4.1:
- Check if source files are missing before moving them (265607)
- Fix scanextender showing when they are not supposed to (259483)
- Fix mediaplayer unable to stop in buffering mode when streaming (266100)
- KDE 4.4 compatibility fix in search plugin
- Make sure overwrite is possible for the torrent copy file feature
- Fix critical Qt warning when opening context menu in view

Changes in 4.1rc1:
- Make sure that apply button of config dialog is enabled properly when the 
group changes in the scanfolder settings
- Add kio-magnet
- Improve performance of ktorrent in situations where there are many torrents 
- Fix memory leak on exit (263802)
- Fix tab bar not matching TabBarWidget state in some circumstances (263068)
- Fix libktorrent not gettting updated when the download of a magnet link 
finishes and the FileSelectDlg is shown
- Update view tab when switching to it, fixes data scan widget showing in the 
wrong place (259483)
- Update view captions every GUI update (264215)
- Use user modified path for file column in chunks view (264814)
- Fix QM bug causing torrents to get started when it is not needed (262570)

Changes in 4.1beta1:
- Remove libktupnp it is now part of libktorrent
- Add support for superseeding (171661)
- Change from and to fields to always ensure that from is smaller then to in 
the bandwidth scheduler plugin (225951)
- Show if a peer is using the µTP protocol or not
- Cleanup file dialog filters for torrents and make sure that files named 
torrent, are also seen by the filter (241259)
- Ensure that webinterface plugin works properly with bindv6only flag on 
- Add option to not restore the previous session of the search plugin (233288)
- Save suspended state on exit and restore on restart (241675)
- Add support for cookies in syndication plugin (244967)
- Change GUI to use KParts
- Add feature to set the move on completion directory in the syndication plugin 
- Improve display of errors in the syndication plugin when downloading a feed 
fails (246421)
- Make ChunkDownloadView and PeerView use a QSortFilterProxyModel (246835)
- Add download and move when completed location history buttons to 
FileSelectDlg (218048)
- Make file view of FileSelectDlg sortable (248090)
- Clicking item in day list of AddItemDlg of bwscheduler plugin now toggles it 
- Add support for emule blocklists (194915)
- Add option to configure the number of log lines shown in the logviewer 
- Add default move on completion location to group policy (248092)
- Prevent torrents from sharing the same files (228220)
- Add option to open all torrents silently
- Add exclusion patterns to syndication plugin filters (251141)
- Show current upload and download limit in trayicon submenus instead of limits 
from the settings (251953)
- Show notifications when automatic update of IP filter fails (243458)
- Add video streaming support (234212)
- Make ratio configurable at which the share ratio becomes green (254144)
- Don't show an error message for each duplicate tracker which is added
- Stop using hardcoded colors in system tray tooltip (255732)
- Add support for tracking jobs inside the GUI of ktorrent
- Ask if an existing file must be overwritten when exporting a torrent (256416)
- Don't reinclude files when changing priority of a directory (252555)
- Open new search tab on middle click (151429)
- Search plugin now uses webkit instead of KHTML
- Add do not ask again option to dialog shown when torrent file is downloaded 
in the search plugin (210701)
- Add option to rename single file torrents to the file inside (251799)
- Make sure that items in history of download locations and completed locations 
end with a slash (259499)
- Make search filter in MediaView of mediaplayer plugin case insensitive 

Changes in 4.0.5:
- Fix crash due to uncaught exception when creating torrent (255020)
- Modify tracker grouping script to avoid a memory leak in krosspython
- Fix bug causing extenders to be shown when the torrent is hidden (248205)
- Fix restoring hidden state of bottom tab bar in the torrent activity
- Improve performance of View (258324)
- Fix bug causing user modified filename not be shown for single file torrents 
- Ensure that lastSaveDir is saved to the config (259041)
- Make sure ktorrent compiles and works with new solid powermanagement api 
introduced in KDE 4.6beta2 (258331)
- Fix bug causing the wrong path to be opened when opening a nested directory 
in a multifile torrent

Changes in 4.0.4:
- Make sure that syndication filter save location overrides group save location 
- Don't hardcode background of bandwidth schedule to white so that system 
colors are used (251925)
- Improve performance of ViewModel when there are many torrents (216501)
- Backport several improvements for IP filter auto update from trunk
- Fix bug causing two instances of ktorrent to be started when missing files 
dialog is shown at startup (252099)
- Fix bug causing KT to use invalid dbus paths in group paths
- Fix crash at exit due to a Core::update getting called during exit (254214)

Changes in 4.0.3:
- Fix bug causing wrong encoding to be used when the default save location of a 
group is read (244873)
- Fix crash in QueueManagerWidget when moving torrents in the queue
- When renaming files in a torrent prevent duplicate names (244624)
- Fix crash on exit when cleaning up UPnP requests
- Fix crash due to uncaught exception when a tor directory cannot be removed 

Changes in 4.0.2:
- Fix wrong X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name in ktzeroconfplugin.desktop
- Fix crash caused by 0 pointer in webinterface plugin (242273)
- Increase auto update retry interval of ipfilter plugin to 15 minutes
- Fix bug causing groups file to grow very large over time (243182)

Changes in 4.0.1:
- Make sure that the proper encoding is used when loading syndication filters
- Display filename if TagLib doesn't know the title of a file in the 
mediaplayer plugin
- Fix memory leak in plasma dataengine (238948)
- Use routers XML file URL to distinguish between UPnP routers
- Make sure that there are no uncaught exceptions (223243)

Changes in 4.0:
- In Core::onExit shutdown TCP and UTP servers a bit later to prevent crashes

Changes in 4.0rc1:
- Split of libbtcore as libktorrent
- Make sure that QM handles max share ratio and max seed time a bit better
- Clear selection of ActivityListWidget before selecting the current item 
- When a torrent row is double clicked open the data directory (230618)
- Switch to new style tray icon (210811,233422)
- Make sure that state is set to active when rendering progress bar in 
ViewDelegate (232727)
- Suspend KTorrent -> Suspend Torrents to avoid confusion (233421)
- Workaround memory leak in krosspython by not passing QObject pointers as 
arguments to callMethod (223885, 226924)
- Make move on completion a per torrent feature
- Make compiling plasma applet dependant on Qt version
- Make sure extenders can be resized
- Make sure float is not used in scripting api, doesn't seem to work with 
python scripts
- Add dbus functions to set and get the maximum and current share ratio and 
seed time

Changes in 4.0beta2:
- Use proper KDE function to format date in syndication plugin
- Make sure HTMLPart uses proper charset when rendering page
- Add copy URL item to popupmenu in search plugin view
- Pause becomes suspend
- Revamp torrent creation code
- Avoid unnecessary memcpy when generating hash
- Add UDP tracker scraping
- Improve handling of incomplete handshakes (218875)
- When switching back from fullscreen video make sure the tab shown is the 
video tab
- Replace KMultiTabBar by QToolBar, because it handles not enough space better 
- Make tab moving possible in TorrentActivity and SearchActivity (215053)
- Show arrows in qm widget to indicate if a torrent is a seed or a download
- Fix crash caused by not checking for 0 pointer (220442)
- Add search line in QM widget which highlights and scrolls to found items 
- Moving multiple items in QM widget is now possible (220428)
- Prevent trackers from sending back to much data (220684)
- Fix typo in in log message of QM (223888)
- Added patch witch adds an additional column to a View showing the date and 
time a torrent was added
- Fix compilation not working on solaris due to missing NAME_MAX define (222598)
- Fix check for existing files for single file torrents in FileSelectDlg 
- Add pathOnDisk dbus call on a torrent to retrieve the output path
- Fix crash in GroupView (226134)
- Cleanup notifier before closing socket in webinterface plugin, fixes a crash 
- Make sure that weekdays deselects weekend, and weekend deselects weekdays in 
scheduler plugin (225952)
- Don't show 0 KB/s when there is no limit in scheduler plugin (225943)
- Make warning icon when no trackers can be reached, work for non private 
torrents (227670)
- Reset bandwidth schedule when network comes up again (227423)
- Make sure TOS is set when setting up a connection
- Fix crash in AuthenticationMonitor, caused by dangling pointer (228395)
- Fix SHA1 hash generation crashes by using shared pointers to PieceData 
- Fix crash in PeerConnector cleanup (228955)
- Make it possible to change the ChunkSelector at runtime
- Make torrents reannounce and kill all stale peers, when network comes back up 
after some downtime (184766)
- Before mapping a piece, use posix_fallocate to ensure that we can't get a 
SIGBUS when the disk is full (229081)
- Revamp stats file implementation so the QM can no longer block things when 
there are many torrents (228974)
- Use pause functionality instead of stopping and restarting a torrent when 
doing jobs (179456)
- Fix handling of keep-alive in webinterface plugin (225167)
- Don't open files to determine disk usage when files are not open
- Change listen backlog to SOMAXCONN
- Do preallocation properly (or not at all depending on settings) when file is 
- Add support for the µTP protocol (197749)
- Fix crash in HTTPConnection due to 0 pointer (231859)
- Add patch to disable authentication in webinterface (226291)
- Add plugin to generate magnet URI's
- Fix crash in webseed downloading code (232971)

Changes in 4.0beta1:
- Make adding multiple trackers at once possible (213194)
- Bandwidth scheduler can now be deactivated temporarely
- Show information message instead of error when trackerlists are merged 
- Add patch from Leo Trubach which adds support for IP rangs to the IP filter 
- Add support for metadata extension
- Remove own flags, now using exclusively those from KDE
- Add support for reqq parameter in extended handshake
- Ignore diskspace check when it cannot be determined on a gvfs mounted 
filesystem (187141)
- DHT can no longer be disabled at compile time
- Add support for magnet URL's (214375)
- Fix crash due to uncaught warning
- Expand open url dialog, it is now possible to open silently and to select the 
- Fix crash when loading magnets file (218227)

Changes in 3.3.4:
- Fix SHA1 hash generation crashes once and for all (222753)
- Check for invalid addresses in reverse resolver, fixes a crash
- Fix sorting bug in choking algorithm
- Fix crash caused by handling exceptions badly (224097)
- Fix bug causing global max share ratio and seed time to override group policy 

Changes in 3.3.3:
- Fix crash caused by 0 pointer in Downloader::saveDownloads (219019)
- Don't remove torrent when jobs are running, wait until they are done, this 
fixes a crash (218853)
- Disable editing of items in ActivityListModel (219355)
- Make sure checks for ftello and fseeko are done, fixes a problem with large 
file sizes on BSD (217523)
- Make sure reannounce timer in UDPTracker is always stopped in the stop call 
- Fix broken FilterListModel::removeFilter fixes a crash (219760)
- Revamp adding trackers to TrackerListModel, should fix a crash (218738)
- Don't allow nested event loops when iterating over the incomplete url list in 
scanfolder plugin, fixes a crash (219885)
- Fix crash due to uncaught exception in TorrentFileTreeModel::loadExpandedState
- Fix bug causing error message that the QM limits are reached to be shown 
instead of a torrent to be enqueued (220171)
- Fix crash caused by not checking for 0 pointer (221333)
- Fix crashes when DHT socket could not be bound (221872)
- Fix bug causing files to be created which are to big in some rare 
circumstances (222036)
- Fix bug causing wrong location hint to be used when no default save location 
is selected (222783)

Changes in 3.3.2:
- Fix crash when loading Feed in syndication plugin at startup (216207)
- Replace newlines with spaces when displaying multiline comments in statustab 

Changes in 3.3.1:
- Make sure exceptions in DHT code are caught, fixes a crash (213819)
- Fix several memory leaks at exit
- Fix bug in edge detection of items on the bandwidth schedule
- Fix crash when webinterface plugin is removed and there are active 
connections to the webserver (214187)
- Fix bugs causing context menus to be shown in wrong location (214657)
- Don't store the color for normal file priority in FileView, use system 
default (214748)
- Fix bug causing current tab in TorrentActivity not to be restored (214959)
- Fix IP filter download going wrong in some cases, by specifying mimetype in 
- Fix crash when not able to bind for DHT socket (215079)
- Make it optional to intercept Qt debug messages in InitLog call
- Fix crash when trying to unzip broken zip file in ipfilter download (215353)
- Add some limits so DHT tasks don't run for to long and eat up to much memory

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.9 -r1.10 pkgsrc/net/ktorrent/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.14 -r1.15 pkgsrc/net/ktorrent/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r0 \
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1 \
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