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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/ocamlnet

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 10:24:18PM +0200, John Marino wrote:
> Okay, submitted here: 

Thank you very much. I've updated the patch to include the description
and link.

> I hadn't logged into Sourceforge in like 6 years, and my credentials
> were disabled due to that security breach they had a few years back.
> I didn't want to join any more mailing lists, but at least SF let
> registered members submit patches.  The one before it is dated
> 2002...
> Needless to say, this took a lot of time.  :)

Well, it will be easier for the next bug report :)

> So when it's 2019 and time for the next OCAML/Net update, hopefully
> that's one less patch to worry about.


> On a side note:
> If pkgsrc was using a different version control than CVS (something
> like git and the ilk), then reviewing per-patch history on the fly
> would be a cinch.  Rather than use a better VC (and I've heard many
> of you complain about CVS), we change the process to work around its
> limitations.

Changing tools would help partially: Not so much when there's more
than one issue in a patch, and I don't see how upstream bug report
URLs could be added to the file's history in the VC like I just did

> I know its what's being used, but Joerg has Fossil and GIT replicas
> of Pkgsrc running for many months now.  What's stopping the leap?

That discussion's on tech-repository.
I'm looking forward to a better VC as well...

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