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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/ocamlnet

  If pkgsrc was using a different version control than CVS (something
  like git and the ilk), then reviewing per-patch history on the fly
  would be a cinch.  Rather than use a better VC (and I've heard many of
  you complain about CVS), we change the process to work around its

It's not about the VCS - the notion is that comments in code should
explain the reason the code is the way it is, and commit messages should
explain the reason for the change.  (That's not special to pkgsrc.)
Reading all the commit messages that touched a file to find the one of
interest (and being sure you did that right) is quite hard, git or cvs,
especially if people are also sparse with commit messages.  I've had
difficulty with this when trying to figure out patches that were added
many revisions ago and modified multiple times, often with only a
'update to x' commit message.

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