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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/makedepend


In message <>
        on Wed, 30 May 2012 17:15:23 +0900,
        "OBATA Akio" <> wrote:
>>>> Failed on NetBSD-5.1.2:
>>>> checking if cc -std=gnu99 supports -Wmissing-format-attribute... yes
>>>> checking if cc -std=gnu99 supports -Wredundant-decls... yes
>>>> checking if cc -std=gnu99 supports -Werror=implicit... no
>>>> checking if cc -std=gnu99 supports -errwarn=E_NO_EXPLICIT_TYPE_GIVEN
>>>> -errwarn=E_NO_IMPLICIT_DECL_ALLOWED... eval: 1: Syntax error: Bad
>>>> substitution
>>>> *** Error code 2
I met this problem with libICE on NetBSD 4.0_STABLE today.

Has this problem solved?

>>> Is it this piece of code that breaks on 5?
>>>                 cacheid=`$as_echo
>>>                 xorg_cv_cc_flag_-errwarn=E_NO_EXPLICIT_TYPE_GIVEN
>>>                 -errwarn=E_NO_IMPLICIT_DECL_ALLOWED`
Original line looks expect $as_echo work as normal echo(1) (Of course,
it isn't portable as for outputing without newline.)

cacheid=`$as_echo xorg_cv_cc_flag_-errwarn=E_NO_EXPLICIT_TYPE_GIVEN 

Then, $as_echo contains:

printf %s\n

It insert newline after first argument (or first word).

>> No, at the next line (`eval' statement):
>>                    if { as_var=`$as_echo "$cacheid" | $as_tr_sh`; eval
>>                    \${$as_var+:} false; }; then :
And $as_tr_sh looks not to handle newline.

So, quoting parameter to $as_echo:

cacheid=`$as_echo "xorg_cv_cc_flag_-errwarn=E_NO_EXPLICIT_TYPE_GIVEN 

configure successfully completed.

Best regards.

Takahiro Kambe <>

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