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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/xymon

Hi David,

Thus wrote David Holland (

> Not clear. I think the problem is that
> should not be OWN_DIRS but something else, as SECCGIDIR is under
> PREFIX and (IIRC) OWN_DIRS is meant for stuff elsewhere, like under

The docs say:
15.1.1. Directory manipulation

The following variables can be set to request the creation of directories
anywhere in the file system:

  * MAKE_DIRS and OWN_DIRS contain a list of directories that should be created
    and should attempt to be destroyed by the installation scripts. The
    difference between the two is that the latter prompts the administrator to
    remove any directories that may be left after deinstallation (because they
    were not empty), while the former does not.

  * MAKE_DIRS_PERMS and OWN_DIRS_PERMS contain a list of tuples describing
    which directories should be created and should attempt to be destroyed by
    the installation scripts. Each tuple holds the following values, separated
    by spaces: the directory name, its owner, its group and its numerical mode.
    The difference between the two is exactly the same as their non-PERMS

later it says:
It is worth mentioning that ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR} is automatically added to
OWN_DIRS. See Section 15.1.1, "Directory manipulation" what this means. This
does not apply to subdirectories of ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}, they still have to be
created with OWN_DIRS or MAKE_DIRS.

$PKG_SYSCONFDIR usually is $PREFIX/etc
=> directories under PREFIX are not magic.

Strictly speaking, you should make sure eg $PREFIX/bin gets created before
installation, too. By happy coincidence, it usually already exists. :)

I'll have a look at the issue with xymon-snmpcollect; given that snmp
support is optional, I suspect I need PLIST_VARS+=snmp.


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