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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/davical

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Thu Sep  8 20:58:58 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/davical: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/www/davical/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to

2010-12-28  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Release

2010-12-27  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Refactor PUT functions to set modified/created dates more correctly.

2010-12-27  Leho Kraav  <>
        * add et_EE to support locales

2010-12-26  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Fix errors in po files pointed out by Transifex uploading.
        * A new AtomFeed class for building an Atom feed.
        * Switch to creating an atom feed, which is a better feed standard.

2010-12-26  Leho Kraav  <>
        * A new URL to provide an RSS feed of a calendar's changes.

2010-12-26  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Refactored RRule to add support for initialisation from a vProperty.

2010-12-25  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Remove all reference to PgQuery
        * Extensive refactoring of principal-edit, plus support for creating 
        * Add support for writing scheduling resources on PUT.
        * Improve support for handling floating time.
        * Add cil for internal issue tracking.

2010-12-08  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Cut access with invalid/expired tickets out immediately.

2010-12-07  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Handle empty PROPFIND, don't blow up on invalid XML.

2010-11-30  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * /.well-known/* now returns a 301 redirect, per spec.
        * Use text/vcard for content type in advance of ratification of spec.
        * Properly handle addressbooks in multiget.
        * Hide authorization headers in logging.
        * Update sync-collection REPORT to match -04 of draft.
        * Replace index.php with caldav.php when we find it in our path.

2010-11-27  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Be pedantic about checking user is active before we let them in.
        * Specify the SRV record examples with leading _ as they should be.

2010-11-21  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Fix SQL for group handling from Michael Braun.
        * Add principal-collection-set to standard responses for DAVResource.
        * Correct typo in POST handling.

2010-11-20  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Also update displayname if fullname is changed.

2010-10-02  Daniel Aleksandersen  <daniel@>
        * remove old screenshots
        * updated iPhone client configuration with new screenshots

2010-11-19  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Handle stuff like DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20101119T231307

2010-11-14  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Script to refresh calendar_alarms with next instance time.

2010-11-09  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Don't let auth functions create duplicate home calendars.

2010-11-06  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Patch for caldav sync from Pierre-Arnaud Poudret.
        * Add ACL to the supported methods.
        * Change regression runner to look for sample data with tests.
        * Correct version number typo.
        * Always grant 'DAV::read' privilege from principal to group members.

2010-11-05  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Use expanded time specifiers in format since %Y doesn't work on 
        * Support recursive REPORT query if configured to allow it.

2010-11-04  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Add a new WritableCollection object which we will use for PUT.
        * Use text/vcard rather than older text/x-vcard.
        * Support event properties in changed part of sync-response.
        * Rename variable to work around Pg 9.0 reserved name.

2010-11-01  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Switch from regular expression which may not work in old/odd PHP.

2010-10-31  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Support getlastmodified property in REPORT requests.

2010-10-16  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Fix typo in iTIP CANCEL handling.

2010-10-15  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Turn on calendar-auto-schedule header if $c->enable_auto_schedule
        * Add various additional checks into /setup.php
        * Add knowledge of desired parallel AWL version to setup.

2010-10-10  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Fix various minor CardDAV bugs.
        * Omit the <response> for event outside the time range - when expanded.
        * Fix privilege_to_bits function to set 'all' correctly & work with 
recent postgres

2010-10-08  Andrew McMillan  <>
        * Don't supply freebusy for 0-duration events.
        * Another regression test for free/busy catching many events.
        * Add an event with a thoroughly bogus tzid to ensure we cope.
        * Check for some supported stuff very early so we can show it is 
        * Better display of bindings.
        * Add postgreSQL 9.0 as a possibility.
        * Fix warning when using basic authentication fallback.
        * Fix handling of iCalendar durations containing negative elements.
        * Handle events which don't have either DTEND *or* DURATION.
        * Rewrite __construct() method of RepeatRuleDateTimeZone to be more 

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