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CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   he
Date:           Wed Sep 10 19:02:30 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update from version 4.71 to 5.88, discussed in general terms with maintainer.

Pkgsrc changes:
 o Adjust dependencies
 o Canonicalize HOMEPAGE

Upstream changes:

5.88 Thu Aug 28 15:49:48 BST 2008
    - MegaHAL.pod: Bare-bones recipe for a MegaHAL bot (Hinrik)
    - Send responses back via NOTICE, not PRIVMSG (Hinrik)
    - Filter/ Removed, as it is deprecated and unmaintained (Hinrik)
    - Really propagate the plugin_debug flag (Hinrik)
    - Filter/IRC/ - change to _get_ctcp() as per RT #38773

5.86 Tue Jul 22 09:53:26 BST 2008
    - Remove 'options => {trace => 1}' from constructor (Hinrik)
    - Don't handle CAPAB IDENTIFY-MSG with non-ACTION CTCPs (Hinrik)

5.84 Thu Jun 26 19:55:41 BST 2008
    - Made it a little smarter (Hinrik)
    - Make strip_color() strip bg color-only changes (Hinrik)
    - Propagate plugin_debug flag to Pluggable (Hinrik)
    - Added support for FreeNode's CAPAB IDENTIFY-MSG (Hinrik)
    - Makefile.PL: Depend on new Pluggable for better debug info (Hinrik)
    - t/02_behavior/12_delays.t: Shouldn't fail if there's an IRC server
      running on localhost (Hinrik)

5.82 Sat Jun 14 09:02:11 BST 2008
    - Depend on new PoCo-Pluggable to fix a regression (Hinrik)

5.80 Thu Jun 13 15:30:08 GMT 2008
    - Renamed cycling() to is_cycling() (Hinrik)
    - Documented the squit command (Hinrik)
    - Only test ziplinks given a proper version of *Zlib::Stream (Hinrik)
    - Implemented DCC RESUME support (Hinrik)
    - Cleaned up and reorganized the test suite (Hinrik)
    - Added SERVLIST and SQUERY commands. Should include
      everything from RFC2812 now. (Hinrik)
    - Fixed a bug in Proxy plugin (bingos)

5.78  Fri May 30 08:03:30 BST 2008
    - Fix the PART thing properly (Hinrik)
    - README: A few updates (Hinrik)
    - Fixed a small bug (Hinrik)
    - Fixed the docs for matches_mask_array() and
      allow it to be exported (Hinrik)
    - et al: Improved some warning messages (Hinrik)
    - Moved DCC support to a plugin (Hinrik)
    - Improved the docs some. Better index and more links. (Hinrik)
    - The plugin system now uses POE::Component::Pluggable (Hinrik)

5.76  Thu Apr 24 15:05:05 GMT 2008
    - Fixed serious typo in function name. Grr. (Hinrik)
    - Handle PARTs correctly when there's no colon (Hinrik)
    - Only WHO users once even if they join many chans (Hinrik)
    - Added channel_creation_time() method (Hinrik)
    - Made channel_modes() return mode arguments as well (Hinrik)
    - Add is_channel_synced() (Hinrik)
    - - bug in new() spotted by plu (bingos)

5.74  Thu Apr 03 15:14:04 GMT 2008
    - Do charset conversion on everything, not just messages. This
      should handle non-ASCII channel names and nicknames on servers that
      support such things (Hinrik)
    - Allow custom formats to provide their own timestamp in the
      topic_set_by handler (Hinrik)

5.72  Fri Mar 21 10:33:59 GMT 2008
    - Fixed a bug that caused a warning (Hinrik)
    - Patch applied from Somni [RT #33850] (bingos)
    - Fixes to two of the tests that were causing intermitent fails (bingos)
    - Make logging work again :) (Hinrik)
    - Fix topic_change log string (Hinrik)
    - Document new AwayPoll behavior correctly (Hinrik)
    - Moved author tests to xt/ Module::Install::AuthorTests is now
      required by maintainers. (bingos)

5.70  Mon Mar 03 10:51:01 GMT 2008
    - Fixed a small bug (Hinrik)
    - A new plugin for handling bot commands (Hinrik)
    - Shorten protocol lines that are too long, make the maximum length
      configurable. (Hinrik)
    - Amended IRC::Compat to do CTCP parsing. Amended dependent modules. 
    - Use File::Spec for cross-platform file/dir creation. (Hinrik)
    - Make CTCP plugin respond to SOURCE requests (Hinrik)
    - Added a Cookbook (Hinrik)
    - Save user hop count from WHO replies (Hinrik)
    - Added support for multiple servers (Hinrik)
    - Improved dcc_resume documentation, moved some others things
      around in the docs (Hinrik)
    - Added Hinrik to the maintainers list in (bingos)

5.68  Wed Feb 20 19:49:58 GMT 2008
    - Improved the docs a little, fixed an error in the
      SYNOPSIS and moved half of it to an example file. Should be
      less daunting now :) (Hinrik)
    - Lengthen away status polling time to 5 minutes and
      make the feature optional. (Hinrik)
    - Improved mIRC color handling code/documentation (Hinrik)

5.66  Mon Feb 18 21:58:48 GMT 2008
    - Removed Filter::IRC in favor of Filter::IRC::Compat (Hinrik)
    - Filter/ Support filenames with spaces in DCCs (Hinrik)
    - Always doube-quote sent DCC files for safety (Hinrik)
    - Propagate debug flag to internal CTCP filter (Hinrik)
    - Updated t/perlcriticrc to exlude a few more policies (Hinrik)
    - Cleaned up all code and documentation. The changes include:
      everything needed to satisfy Perl::Critic, use carp/croak
      instead of warn/die where appropriate, use 4-column indents,
      use consistent coding style everywhere, some refactoring here
      and there... (Hinrik)
    - put Filter::IRC back. It is now a Stackable/IRCD/Compat
      mash-up (bingos)
    - full regression testing in 1_filter_compat.t yippee. (bingos)

5.64  Sat Feb 16 07:55:34 GMT 2008
    - Fix regression regarding utf8 detection (Hinrik)
    - Don't log channel modes which have different meanings
      depending on the IRC network we're on. (Hinrik)
    - NickServID: Tweak it a little (Hinrik)
    - Add optional Test::Perl::Critic test to detect risky code.
      Currently 466 violations in about 16k lines of code, whee! (Hinrik)
    - Fix bug in CHANLIMIT handling (Hinrik)
    - Missing S_001 return value (Hinrik)
    - Fix missing raw_line (Hinrik)
    - Filter/ Stop using POE::Filter::IRC (Hinrik)

5.62  Thu Feb  7 16:31:03 GMT 2008
    - Document the nickserv command (Hinrik)
    - Show some example usage of has_color() (Hinrik)
    - New plugin to cycle empty channels in order to
      gain channel operator status (Hinrik)
    - Add more color/formatting codes (Hinrik)
    - Added plugin test for CycleEmpty (BinGOs)

5.60  Wed Feb  6 13:38:50 GMT 2008
    - Improved the away tracking code (Hinrik)
    - Added missing argument preventing quit messages from
      being logged (Hinrik)
    - NickReclaim: Fixed regression introduced in 5.58 (Hinrik)
    - irc_bot_ctcp_action => irc_bot_action, to be
      consistent with (Hinrik)
    - Delay autojoin if NickServID is loaded, so the user
      will be cloaked (if applicable) before joining channels (Hinrik)
    - Add constants and methods for dealing with colors
      and formatting (Hinrik)
    - Add NICKSERV command, mention the new color stuff (Hinrik)
    - NickServID: Made it behave more sensibly considering upcoming
      FreeNode policy changes. Also, use a raw NICKSERV command (Hinrik)
    - Rename SortByDate to Sort_by_date and add Strip_color,
      Strip_formatting (Hinrik)

5.58  Mon Feb  4 07:58:14 GMT 2008
    - Workaround for IRC servers (e.g. hybrid, hyperion) which send
      user WHO replies starting with the name of a random channel that the
      user is on (which the component might not be on) instead of '*' (Hinrik)
    - Track the away status of channel users and send an event if
      the status changes (Hinrik)
    - Some additions and cleanup (Hinrik)
    - Add 'Restricted' argument for restricting read permissions
      of created files/dirs (Hinrik)
    - Add 'Format' argument for specifying a custom log format 
    - Close log files after writing to them (Hinrik)
    - Omit date from timestamp if sorting log files by date (Hinrik)
    - Always use present tense (Hinrik)
    - Small fix for an edge case (Hinrik)
    - Check for '$nick~ $text' as well (Hinrik)
    - Make it work if it's added before connecting (Hinrik)

5.56  Thu Jan 31 12:30:25 GMT 2008
    - Silence some warnings (Hinrik)
    - Add SortByDate argument to rotate logs (Hinrik)
    - output something in English for every channel mode change 
    - made the ACTION syntax distinct from the MODE syntax
      to allow for sane parsing of log files (Hinrik)
    - Fix bug causing NickReclaim plugin to only try to reclaim once (Hinrik)
    - Fix NICK/QUIT logging in Logger plugin (Hinrik)
    - Minor improvement and documentation update to BotAddressed plugin (Hinrik)

5.54  Sun Jan 27 09:21:27 GMT 2008
    - Hinrik added numerous groovey plugins. Hinrik++

5.52  Mon Jan 14 07:46:01 GMT 2008
    - RT #32279: Filter/ doesn't provide raw_line by Hinrik

5.50  Sun Jan 13 10:19:05 GMT 2008
    - RT #32271 reported by Hinrik
    - RT #32265 is_away() support by Hinrik

5.48  Thu Jan 10 20:13:10 GMT 2008
    - Added plugin FollowTail, a tail following plugin

5.46  Thu Jan  3 15:12:21 GMT 2008
    - 'irc_public' events should now be generated according to ISupport

5.44  Tue Jan  1 13:58:15 GMT 2008
    - Enhancement to part command to handle part messages. RT #32029
      reported by Hinrik

5.42  Mon Dec 31 12:29:50 GMT 2007
    - Amendments to NickReclaim plugin by Zoffix Znet

5.40  Wed Dec 26 10:55:18 GMT 2007
    - Applied a patch from Hinrik to fix umode issues with

5.38  Thu Dec  6 17:24:23 GMT 2007
    - CPAN Testers reports for dev releases look favourable, bumped for
      proper release.

5.37_02  Thu Dec  6 08:35:47 GMT 2007
    - Added is_user_mode_set() method and 'irc_user_mode' event

5.37_01  Wed Dec  5 21:11:46 GMT 2007
    - Added umode support to IRC::State

5.36  Thu Nov  1 13:51:02 GMT 2007
    - Updated Module::Install to 0.68

5.34  Wed Jul 25 10:51:45 BST 2007
    - Fixed abstract_from in Makefile.PL.

5.33_01  Tue Jul 10 17:53:01 BST 2007
    - Moved documentation for connect() to spawn();
    - Added CTCP PING to Plugin::CTCP;

5.32  Tue Jun 12 12:20:21 BST 2007
    - Stable release after working around issues on Solaris.

5.31_05  Mon Jun 11 09:57:09 BST 2007
    - Fixed an error in the SYNOPSIS example for Qnet::State;
    - More diagnostics to the ipv6 test to trigger on solaris;

5.31_04  Tue Jun 05 09:29:34 BST 2007
    - More diagnostics to the ipv6 test to trigger on solaris;

5.31_03  Fri Jun 01 10:37:49 BST 2007
    - More diagnostics to the ipv6 test to trigger on solaris;

5.31_02  Thu May 31 16:04:06 BST 2007
    - More diagnostics to the ipv6 test to trigger on solaris;

5.31_01  Fri May 18 10:11:47 BST 2007
    - Added a warning if UseSSL is specified but SSLify wasn't found,
      requested by H.Merijn Brand;
    - Added some diagnostics to the ipv6 test to trigger on solaris;

5.30  Tue May 08 19:25:06 BST 2007
    - Applied a patch from dec for

5.29  Thu May 03 13:01:01 BST 2007
    - 'irc_ctcp' events added by Aankhen``

5.28  Tue May 01 14:50:08 BST 2007
    - Applied a patch from dec to Plugin::Proxy.

5.27  Tue May 01 13:43:39 BST 2007
    - Fixed a serious bug relating to PoCo-Client-DNS use, reported by dec

5.26  Sun Apr 29 15:19:56 BST 2007
    - Fixed a bug relating to PoCo-Client-DNS use, reported by dec

5.25  Sun Apr 29 13:03:07 BST 2007
    - Applied fix for problem with ipv6 support from bsmith
    - Fixed RT #26735 reported by dec

5.24  Mon Apr 16 13:43:36 BST 2007
    - Changed the IPv6 support to only be enabled when 'useipv6'
      is explicitly used.

5.23  Thu Apr 12 16:07:56 BST 2007
    - Added Test::Kwalitee test.
    - Added new IP functions to ::Common
    - IPv6 support for connecting to ipv6 ircds.
    - New IPv6 connect testcase.

5.22  Fri Feb 02 12:02:36 GMT 2007
    - Found a bug in ::State that was causing problems during netsplits.

5.21  Thu Feb 01 12:21:45 GMT 2007
    - More changes to Qnet::State to include AUTH in part/quit/kick
      events. Suggested by helios.

5.20  Wed Jan 31 17:25:31 GMT 2007
    - Finally converted Makefile.PL to full Module::Install-ness.

5.19  Wed Jan 31 11:54:36 GMT 2007
    - Change to ban_mask() method in Qnet::State, suggested by

5.18  Fri Dec 29 10:55:05 GMT 2006
    - Documentation fix to ::Plugin by Kinks.
    - Still a problem with TOPIC command. Fixed.

5.17  Tue Dec 12 22:52:48 GMT 2006
    - Serious bug in TOPIC handling spotted. Fixed.

5.16  Wed Dec 06 11:54:08 GMT 2006
    - Refactored the SOCKS code to use $wheel->event() to switch
      InputEvent. Thanks to dngor for pointing that out.

5.15  Tue Dec 05 19:26:34 GMT 2006
    - Implemented SOCKS4 support. Requested by netmunky @ Efnet. Somni
      assisted with the design. Thanks!

5.14  Wed Nov 29 10:56:57 GMT 2006
    - Found a serious problem with refcounts in the registration
      code. Fixed with merlyn's help.

5.13  Sun Nov 19 14:20:51 GMT 2006
    - Fixed long standing bug in 'topic' command.

5.12  Thu Nov 16 14:04:51 GMT 2006 'Hairy COO!'
    - Documentation fix for ::Pipeline, spotted by Martijn van Beers.
    - Amended 6_common.t test-case to make sure it covered other edge
      case reported by 'Elvis Dead' via email.
    - Setting a delayed command with delay() generates a 'irc-delay_set'
    - Added ability to remove delayed commands.

5.11  Wed Oct 25 16:32:03 BST 2006
    - Changed plugin processing so that any poco plugin handlers
      are now in an eval as well. Pesky edge-cases.
    - Refactored parse_mode_line() to handle dangerous edge cases.

5.10  Tue Oct 24 18:02:46 BST 2006
    - ::State 'irc_kick' event has ARG4 which is the full nick!user@host
      of the kicked person. Suggested by helios.

5.09  Tue Oct 24 14:48:07 BST 2006
    - Forgot a test with the Test::Plugin relocation. Damnit.
    - Reinstated ::Test::Plugin for the PlugMan tests.

5.08  Mon Oct 23 12:35:04 BST 2006
    - Remove ::Test::Plugin and relocated code to the actual test.
    - Removed the optional debug in Pipeline. If there are errors
      you'll see them now.
    - New plugin tests, testing running POE sessions in plugins and
      dying in PCI_register().
    - Deprecated 1_new.t test by removing it.

5.07  Tue Oct 17 11:37:28 BST 2006
    - Enabled plugin_debug effect Pipeline.
    - Added send_event() method for injecting events in the event
      handling system.

5.06  Thu Oct 12 12:45:06 BST 2006
    - Adjusted load() in PlugMan, suggested by Stefan Schwarzkopf.

5.05  Fri Oct 06 14:40:37 BST 2006
    - ISupport documentation fix.
    - Amendments to plugin processing, plugin debugging should be
      less noisy now.

5.04  Mon Sep 25 13:30:46 BST 2006
    - Removed Build.PL
    - Applied a patch from Ben Jackson which fixes the proxy
      support. Yay.

5.03  Sat Sep 16 14:17:01 BST 2006
    - Switched Makefile.PL to using Make::Install. Added Build.PL
    - Fixed META.yml handling.
    - Fixed an unregister bug reported via CPAN::Forum. *sigh*

5.02  Fri Sep 08 16:32:12 BST 2006
    - POE-0.37 has found a serious flaw in the shutdown() handler. Fixed.
    - ::Test::Harness was registering for HUP signal. Stopped that nonsense.

5.01  Thu Sep 07 17:53:00 BST 2006
    - Fixed file permissions in the distribution. Again a CPANTS
    - Fiddled with State's insides.
    - Added find_auth_nicks method to Qnet::State, requested by helios.

5.00  Fri Sep 01 02:20:54 BST 2006 YAPC::EU Birmingham 2006 release
    - Test::Pod::Coverage test added, inspired by CPANTS hackathon,
      cheers, domm.
    - Added use strict to ::Constants.
    - PlugMan plugin will dump $@ when a plugin fails to 'load' now.
    - Documentation fixes to a lot of modules due to Pod::Coverage.

4.99  Tue Aug 29 17:47:04 BST 2006
    - Added resync_chan and resync_nick to Qnet::State subclass, as
      suggested by helios.

4.98  Fri Aug 18 12:30:31 BST 2006
    - Added support for connecting to ircds that support compressed
      links; only PCSI does this afaik, so limited use for most peeps.
    - Applied a patch from dec to fix a bug in ISupport plugin, RT #21058.

4.97  Mon Jul 24 12:46:26 BST 2006
    - Fixed 'sconnect', it should send 'CONNECT' to the ircd
      now instead of 'SCONNECT'.
    - ::State assumed that ircd had returned ISupport info.
      Set reasonable defaults for ircd's that don't.
    - Changed 'sl' to 'quote' instead as far as the documented

4.96  Sun Jul 16 14:35:34 BST 2006
    - Fixed a bug in Console plugin.
    - Minor code changes to Proxy plugin.
    - Component will automatically register a parent session
      if spawned from another session. Added testcase for
      this also.
    - Removed the deprecated IRC_EVTS registration bit from
      _start as the component uses plugin API stylee handlers now.
    - Tidied up PlugMan plugin code.
    - Updated documentation stipulating that the module is licensed
      the same as perl is.
    - Refactored Whois plugin. Added RPL_WHOISACTUALLY support.

4.95  Wed Jul 05 11:46:34 BST 2006
    - Removed stray Dumper() in
    - Fixed serious bug in ISupport plugin.

4.94  Sun Jul 02 10:01:45 BST 2006
    - Amended the DNS code to implement round-robin type
      for multiple registration and shutdown, respectively.
      Added applicable tests to the testsuite.
    - Documentation fixes. Added DIE command.
    - Added multiple bot SYNOPSIS.

4.93  Tue Jun 13 19:25:45 BST 2006
    - ::State, invex & excepts sync'ing when we +[qoah].
    - ::State, documentation fixes.
    - Added 'irc_shutdown' event.
    - Bug in Qnet::State spotted by helios. Changed
      inheritance order and cpoied some code from Qnet to
      Qnet::State accordingly.

4.92  Sun Jun 11 18:09:13 BST 2006
    - Added a check to _parseline for spurious blank events,
      reported by dec.
    - Added nick_channel_modes method to ::State to return
      the channel modes (ie. qaohv) of a given nick on a
      given channel - Kinks
    - Added note concerning the issues surrounding the SetAt
      and SetBy values to CAVEATS in the ::State pod - Kinks
    - Improvements to Plugin::PlugMan, it should actually
      work properly now >:) Thanks to mst and dngor.
    - ::State, nick_sync now has the channel name as ARG1.
    - Moved the INVEX and EXCEPTS sync'ing until we are +o'd,
      created irc_chan_sync_(invex|excepts). irc_chan_sync
      features the time in seconds taken to sync as ARG1 now.

4.91  Thu Jun 01 21:08:13 BST 2006
    - Tweak to ::State to deal with ircds that don't report @+
      status in WHO replies ( like unreal ). Thanks to Kinks
      for reporting that.
    - 'irc_dcc_failed' event was undocumented. Fixed.
    - Switched the poco-client-dns checks to 'use', so as to
      ensure that we only load >= 0.99.
    - Amendments to shutdown so that it sends a quit message
      to the ircd if we are connected.
    - Amended Connector plugin so the lag is collected
      independent of what the ircd sends us back.
    - Various changes to ::State in order to ensure full RFC
      compliant channel mode support, including support
      for channel access lists - Kinks
    - Added ::State methods to return channel access lists:
      channel_ban_list, channel_invex_list, channel_except_list - Kinks
    - Using 'use' for the dns checks was fubar. Switched back
      to 'require' and test the VERSION instead.
    - Changed the script to accept a filename as
      a second argument to /dump_state command.
    - Documentation tweaks to ::State by Kinks
    - Channel topic support added to ::State. Added the method
      channel_topic to return a hashref of topic data - Kinks
    - Changed 'Time' keys for channel lists and topic to 'SetAt'
    - Added irc_chan_mode event to ::State to allow everyone
      to enjoy the mode parsing State does internally - Kinks
    - Refactored ::Qnet::State subclass after all Kinks'
      changes to ::State.
    - Refactored ::State slightly to use ARG2 for numerics
      handlers instead of trying to parse ARG1 ourselves. FTW.

4.90  Mon May 22 13:23:09 BST 2006
    - Missed the Filter::Stackable in plugins Console and Proxy.

4.89  Mon May 22 09:14:57 BST 2006
    - A bug in POE-0.35's Filter::Stackable causing problems with
      ::Test::Harness. Enabled a runaround *sigh*

4.88  Sun May 21 17:57:38 BST 2006
    - Code cleanup in ::Test::Harness. Workaround for systems
      without %z in strftime, like Solaris.
    - Added matches_mask() function to ::Common. Updated 6_common.t
      to add applicable tests.
    - Added parse_user() function to ::Common. Updated 6_common.t
      to add applicable tests.
    - new() deprecation warning specifies the module name. Saves
      confusion for people who are using Bot::* modules.
    - Added LUSERS command.
    - Major hackery to remove dependency on PoCo-Client-(DNS|Ident).

4.87  Sat May 06 17:03:34 BST 2006
    - Testsuite 07 and 09 were still skipped on MSWin32. Fixed.
    - Altered BotAddressed at immute's suggestion. Check docs
      for details.
    - Altered Filter::Compat so it won't break with Stackable.
    - Added 'remove' command a Freenode extension.

4.86  Thu Apr 27 21:18:41 BST 2006
    - POD fixes and perl dependency as pointed out by Alias.
    - Tweak so that the poco only shuts down PoCo-Client-DNS
      if we spawned it.
    - Spotted a problem with register() it was still stashing
      POE::Session refs. Bad BinGOs.
    - shutdown() will unregister all registered sessions now.
    - Code audits of State and Qnet::State. Lot's of cleanup.
    - Changed u_irc/l_irc to support a casemapping
      argument, one may specify 'rfc1459', 'strict-rfc1459' or
      'ascii'. Default is 'rfc1459'.
    - Changed State and Qnet::State to use casemapping for
      generating unique state keys.
    - Removed State::Lite. Deprecated.
    - Online test reports the server connected to.

4.85  Thu Apr 13 12:37:49 BST 2006
    - Numerous bug fixes to State and Qnet/State which were
      causing terminations. Reported by dec.
    - Tweaks to a number of tests.
    - Various plugins have been debugged.
    - Added '/dump_state' command to

4.84  Wed Apr 12 14:24:34 BST 2006
    - Spotted a bug in Filter::CTCP, it wasn't setting raw_line.
    - Bug in dcc code meant DCC tests were failing on certain
      platforms. Fixed.
    - Changes to DCC tests. Rolled back MSWin32 skip checks.
    - Added one more DCC test for testing 'nataddr' option.

4.83  Tue Apr 11 20:45:04 BST 2006
    - Changes to two of the DCC tests. DAMN YOU WINDOWS!

4.82  Tue Apr 11 19:32:45 BST 2006
    - Sorted out Test::Harness, brought it up to PoCo-Server-IRC-0.3
    - Added a multiple client test to the testsuite.
    - Added socketerr test to the testsuite.
    - Added subclass test to the testsuite.
    - Added DCC test scripts to the testsuite.
    - Fixed a bug in DCC code for CHAT.
    - Added nick and nick_state tests.
    - Amended processing order in _send_event() so that the
      poco session can process events *before* the plugins do.
    - Plugin system will automagically check whether the poco
      object has any plugin handlers. These get processed first.
    - Removed the dependency on Date::Format, switched to POSIX::strftime.
    - Applied a patch from ketas for
    - Fixes to Pipeline, spotted by dec @ MAGnet.
    - Added resolver() method for accessing the PoCo-Client-DNS object.
    - Refactored, and Qnet/, handlers are all
      processed by plugin system now. Implemented better inheritance.
    - Expanded the SYNOPSIS sections of, and Qnet/
    - Added NickReclaim plugin and associated test.

4.81  Fri Mar 31 17:00:38 BST 2006
    - Added PlugMan plugin manager and associated test.
    - Fixed the RFC docs in docs/. Spotted by integral. Thanks.
    - Added session_alias() method as suggested by Chris Thompson.
    - The component's HEAP is now the object. So is retrievable via
      $_[SENDER]->get_heap() in event handlers. Thanks to CT for the
      idea. Now why didn't I think of that sooner =[
    - Various fixes to Test::Harness ircd.
    - Expanded the testsuite with 2 new tests. One uses Test::Harness,
      the other is an online test and tries to connect to freenode.
    - Fixed all the examples to use POE::Session->create().
    - Added a warning to Makefile.PL about the online test.
    - Added delay() method for posting delayed commands.
    - Added a test to testsuite for ::State.
    - Added examples to Plugin docs.

4.80  Thu Mar 16 17:00:01 GMT 2006
    - Code tidy up.
    - Fixed DCC bug. As reported by helios.
    - POD fix to ::State, missed two methods.
    - Changed default alias to "$self". Thanks dngor.
    - General POD rewrite.

4.79  Sun Jan 15 17:15:01 GMT 2006
    - Serious bug in _send_event() spotted by ikaros @ freenode.
      The component wasn't dispatching events to itself since 4.78.

4.78  Tue Jan 10 22:01:09 GMT 2006
    - Documentation bug. 'irc_topic' event wasn't documented.
      Reported by bluepunk @ efnet, through dngor :)
    - Finally got around to switch session registering from using
      POE::Session ( ew, nasty ) to session IDs instead.

4.77  Mon Dec 26 17:00:01 GMT 2005
    - Forgot to add use ::Common to Qnet::State. Doh.

4.76  Fri Dec 23 15:20:20 GMT 2005
    - Documentation bugs in the main SYNOPSIS. Bad BinGOs :(
      Spotted and reported by Mulander via email.
    - Added 'plugin_debug' option to dump after plugin evals if
    - Spotted a bug with the 'whois' handler. Looks like it has
      never worked ( properly ). Adjusted 'commasep' for the special
      case WHOIS <target> mask,mask.
    - Minor fixes to Filter-IRC-Compat for argument handling.
    - Minor fixes to Pipeline and plugin_del().

4.75  Sun Dec 04 17:45:20 GMT 2005
    - Fixed a problem with DCC code. Thanks to ketas for the heads up.
    - Added disconnect() method with docs.
    - Code audit to make sure all event handlers return undef.
    - Updates to Connector plugin to fix timeout issues on connection.
    - Added tests for the included plugins: Connector,BotAddressed and
    - Fixed in examples/ problem with $SIG{INT}.
    - Updated docs to proxy support is SOCKS v4.
    - Added raw_events() method to enable/disable/display current irc_raw.
    - README updates. Notably to mention PoCo-SSLify for SSL links.
    - Stole japhy's ISupport plugin for .. erm .. new ISupport plugin >;]
    - Added from gumbynet source. Added applicable test for it.
    - Added from gumbynet source. Added applicable test for it.
    - Moved common functions to Amended relevant code to import
      functions from there.
    - Added from gumbynet source. Hacked to make much more useful
      and robust. Added applicable test for it and added to
      examples/ folder.
    - Patch applied to BotTraffic plugin from immute.
    - Completely rehacked how the component handles parsing irc traffic to
      events. Now using Filter::IRCD with Filter::IRC::Compat to process all
      input. Input and output filters are stackable.
    - Patch applied to BotAddressed plugin from immute.

4.74  Wed Oct 26 09:15:21 BST 2005
    - *sigh* another problem fixed with the new dns code.

4.73  Wed Oct 26 07:43:03 BST 2005
    - Minor problem with PoCo-Client-DNS fixed.

4.72  Tue Oct 25 19:01:05 BST 2005
    - Fix to Filter::IRC for INVITE. Apparently, asuka
      timestamps after the channel name. Doh. Thanks to
      Johannes Studt for spotting that.
    - Fixed the documentation in
    - Solved Ticket #15058, re: NoDNS and multiple PoCo-Client-DNS

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC/Makefile
cvs rdiff -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC/distinfo

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
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