Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 09/16/2006 06:21:40
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Sat Sep 16 06:21:40 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/mldonkey: Makefile Makefile.common distinfo
	pkgsrc/net/mldonkey-gui: Makefile PLIST

Log Message:
Update to 2.8.0:

2006/09/14 version 2.8.0 = tag release-2-8-0
5390: Distinguish between charsets zh_cn and zh_tw
5389: Fix verify_chunks (pango)
5388: Small log update

5386: Telnet: Longhelp cleanup
5385: Command mem_stats: verbosity 0 is default now
5360: patch removed, it does not fix the bug
5383: BT: Detect new client types (thx to pango)
- fix Mainline detection for two-digit version numbers
- fix Tornado detection
- fix broken Bits on wheels detection
- detect Rufus
- detect Bitspirit v3
5384: BT: Fix serious bug causing bad performance introduced
      by abstract bitmaps patch (pango)

5369: Portinfo: fix String.length problems in Telnet (5369_2.patch)

5294: HTML: Fix sources display for Gnutella/G2/Fasttrack/Filetp
      broken by patch #5294 (thx to z)
5368: Remove unused code from md5_c.c & os_stubs.h
5371: EDK: Support for eMule comments (read-only)
- new option html_mods_vd_comments to enable column in HTML, vd
- comments are shown in javascript popups and vd #num
5369: New command portinfo, display used ports during start-up

5370: Correct option_versions defaults, remove commented EDK code

5367: EDK: Use random default for ED2K_port instead of fixed 4662
- existing ini files are never changed
- after donkey.ini is created the value is not changed automatically
5366: HTML: Remove obsolete EDK history links
5365: Accept FTP URLs on command line
5364: Update options descriptions, remove obsolete options, clean log
5363: Limit max_hard_download_rate when max_hard_upload_rate < 10
- upload >= 10    -> unlimited download
- upload < 10 > 3 -> download limited to upload * 4
- upload < 4      -> download limited to upload * 3

5361: Faster filenames_variability computation (pango)
5315: EDK: Change some internal server data to option values
5354: New option: max_filenames, maximum number of different filenames
5355: Move buffer_writes_delay timer from Donkey to Global module
5344: Small code optimization for stderr warnings (thx to pango)

5341: New command: filenames_variability
- compute differences between the filenames of a file to detect fakes
  the higher the value, the more likely its a fake
5335: Fix small bugs in "!" command (execute shell commands)
5334: HTML: Display edk2 links in search results
5333: Clean logging (Swarmer, Fasttrack, Gnutella)
5332: New command option: rem blocked - remove all IP blocked servers
5330: Configure: Check MinGW version, at least 3.10 is needed (Schlumpf)
5329: some configure improvements and cleanups (Schlumpf)

5320: some html_mods tables & css improvements (Schlumpf)
5322: Use CXXFLAGS present at configure when compiling (smimram)

5319: Configure: New option --enable-minimum
- Compile MLDonkey with Donkey only, without gd, magic, bzip2, sui
5304: cleanup (whitespace, tabs, comments) (Schlumpf)
5303: cleanup (whitespace, tabs, comments) (Schlumpf)
5302: cleanup (whitespace, tabs, comments) (Schlumpf)
5318: Fix wrong buildinfo configure args with autoconf 2.60
5317: Compile fix for GTK1 newgui in addition to patch 5310

5309: Increase reserved number of FDs from 20 to 40 for dynamic libs
5310: EDK: Request filelist from friends only when requested,
      disable automatic download (pango)
5312: GTK2 GUI: Fix histograms (su_blanc)
5313: CryptoPP: Check for g++ capabilities

5308: CryptoPP: Fix infinite loop when re-creating private key fails
5307: CryptoPP: Deactivate compiler option -momit-leaf-frame-pointer
5300: Fix iconv compile bug on Eisfair
5299: Support magicdb in $MLDONKEY_DIR/magic/magic if present
      this location is used in addition to the defaults of libmagic
5277: MinGW: use new gettimeofday() from mingw-runtime-3.10 (Schlumpf)

5298: Some internal changes moved from multiuser patch to CVS
5285: GUI: Self-test en-/decoding only down to protocol 24 to solve
      crash when system date is wrong
5297: Force conversion of allowed_ips to IP blocklist when $MLDONKEY_DIR
      and ini files are created for the first time
5296: Telnet: Fix filesize display for 1kb, 1mb, 1gb values

5295: Hard-coded minimum of 600s for min_reask_delay

5294: Clean logging, small "if .. then true else false" function rewrites

5288: EDK: Improve log when sharing is prevented due to inconsistent filesizes
5287: Swarmer: Remove obsolete option file_bitmap from files.ini
5286: Swarmer: (pango WIP10a)
      Fix commit of merged downloads + internal optimizations
5283: EDK: Fix IP display in GUIs for some firewalled clients

5281: BT: Allow startbt to use URLs without extension ".tor" and ".torrent"

5275: Change functions called when SIGHUP is sent
- BT: stop_all_bt is called to improve disconnect recognition
- instead of closing all sockets now all clients+servers are disconnected,
  GUIs will not be disconnected anymore
5276: web_infos, part II: Update server.met URL
- fix defaults and server list URL

5276: web_infos: Update server.met URL
- does not exist anymore,
  now using again

5272: Fix OS-detection bug in Unicode conversion when committing files
- should solve file naming problems on non-UTF8 systems

5269: Fix maximum filename length recognition on Mac OS X

5268: Swarmer: Fix Division_by_zero when starting downloads
      of files smaller than 200 bytes

5266: EDK: New default 600s for upload_timeout, 60s was too short
5265: EDK: New option keep_sources, false to disable use of file_sources.ini
5264: allowed_ips: Support CIDR address/mask format and IP ranges (pango)
* old syntax is converted to CIDR format:
  - ->
  - ->
  - ->
  - ->
* new possible syntax, to calculate:
  - CIDR, like ( -
  - IP ranges, like -

5262: Small compile patch for Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar), small log fix
5260: Enable logging to syslog, update to version 1.3
* New option log_to_syslog, default false
  Post log messages to syslog. This setting is independent of log_file
  and its associated commands, therefore close_log does not stop log to syslog.
  Its therefore possible to log to syslog and log_file at the same time.
5261: MinGW: Fix compile bug with mingw-runtime-3.10
5259: Use Charset functions to determine extention of
      mlnet_strings file if $LANG is not set

5257: HTML: Let allowed_ips allow connections from IPs part
      of IP blocklist for HTML interface only
5258: Add some files to src/utils/lib for later usage
* from pango
* from

5256: GTK1 GUIs: Compile fix for patch 5253
5253: Commit: Remove spaces at end of filename on FAT partitions,
      respect max_name_len value for all filesystems (pango)
5255: EDK: New client type VeryCD (compatibleclient 240)
5254: EDK: New default 60s for upload_timeout
5247: Update camlzip library to version 1.02 (Xavier Leroy)
- 64-bit incompatibility fixed
- Better support for large ZIP files (> 2 Gb)
5252: Update config.guess and config.sub to version 2006-07-02
5251: HTML: Re-implement motd_html by popular demand
* This patch brings motd_html back in addition to the current welcome message,
  default is empty.
5250: EDK: Print High/LowID in cleartext for command "id", fix LowID display
5249: Remove obsolete files from src/utils/[cdk;lib] and tools/
5246: HTTP: Print 401 error when login was unsuccessful

5243: HTTP: Print 403 error for requests blocked by allowed_ips

5203: Swarmer: Anti-fragmentation (pango, antifrag_v7)
* Each file is divided into blocks saved in new option
* file_disk_allocation_bitmap in swarmer section of files.ini
* Blocksize is computed like this: file_size / 200, rounded up to full
  megabytes, if bigger than 10MB: 10 MB are used as maximum blocksize.
  Preallocated blocks are marked file_disk_allocation_bitmap option.
* Blocks already fully preallocated on disk are prefered for downloading.
  That way one can get antifragmentation benefits without preallocating
  too much space, specially for downloads with small chunks.
* If the block about to be filled with data for the first time its read/written
  back to disk to allocate the space.
  Set verbosity to "verb" to enable logging of preallocation.
5242: GTK2 GUI: Remove unnecessary linefeed in console,
      remove some log and compiler warnings
5239: GTK2 GUI: Fix result sorting,
      update search results instead of double display (su_blanc)

5222: Improve log output when HDD is full
5214: Gettext: Improve translations
* added ./distrib/i18n/mlnet_strings.de_DE.utf8 for testing purposes
  startup messages should appear in German now, more strings have
  yet to be translated, help welcome for all languages.
5238: Fix HDD space checks on CFS mounts
5235: Lock config_files_space.tmp and delete unused file on startup
5232: GUI: Fix decoding bug for Gnutella/G2/Fasttrack search results (zet)

5213: Swarmer: Commit only primary downloads (pango)
5212: Fix DNS lookup of localhost (pango)
      SIGTERM & SIGINT support for GTK2 GUI

5207: Remove some obsolete options: html_mods_vd_queues, ED2K-initial_score,
      ED2K-max_dialog_history, ED2K-immediate_master
5206: Remove Kiss DP500 support
5200: BT: Do not start downloads if no usable trackers are found in file.torrent
      MLDonkey only supports http:// style trackers, not udp:// or dht://
      Deactivated http:// trackers are better marked in HTML,vd #num
5202: Remove mlchat and outdated IM (instant messenger) code
      Remove outdated files from ./packages/windows
5204: Cleanup longhelp (anhi)
5205: Telnet: Fix another UTF8.length exception in search results

5199: BT: Fix BT_client_uid changing between core start (orbit)

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