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Re: pkgsrc-current Linux Debian 5.0/i386 20120102.1047

 >> >  > Installing the rest of gcc would help...
 >> > 
 >> > Assuming the distro vendor ships it; Debian probably does, I suppose,
 >> > but others might not. Is there a way to configure a fallback for objc
 >> > in that case without rebootstrapping with pkgsrc gcc? (And if not, do
 >> > we really care?)
 >> I don't think we care. It would have whined if it was built without objc
 >> support.

> oh true.

I've installed objective-c compiler to build hosts but I think we should
handle objc just like fortran, that is build and install objective-c
compiler on demand.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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