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Re: pkgsrc HEAD selective NetBSD 5.99.49/x86_64 2011-10-08 08:32

On Sat, Oct 08, 2011 at 10:13:13PM +0000, David Holland wrote:
 > pkgsrc bulk build report
 > ========================

   amarok-kde3, bmpx, jmk-fonts, kdevelop-base, kipi-plugins-calendar,
   link-grammar, ruby-xz

Indirectly fixed:
   c-cpp-reference, kdevelop, zephyr, tzc, zephyr-mode

   LPRng-core           build-dir references
   cyrus-imapd          random build failure (may be fixed today)
   mydns-pgsql          fails trying to generate example config
   p5-DBIx-Class        check-interpreter
   szip                 bad distfile
   xymon                "gmake: *** No rule to make target `Makefile'.  Stop."

xymon and p5-DBIx-Class were just updated. Whoever updated
p5-DBIx-Class didn't use PKG_DEVELOPER...

The change to LPRng-core that prompted me to build it (the rc.d
scripts thing) couldn't have have broken it. The problem is that the
sbin/checkpc program has compiled in the full paths to
work/.tools/bin/chown and chgrp. No idea why Joerg's build didn't hit

Not sure what's going on with mydns-pgsql. It wasn't built the last
time, because it worked for Joerg, so it must be some kind of
environmental difference. It generates an empty file and no error

szip wasn't in the last build, so I guess the distfile's changed
upstream since whenever Joerg's build fetched it, which ws possibly a
long time ago.

David A. Holland

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