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Re: pkgsrc-current-destdir Linux 2.6.24-1-686-bigmem/i686 bulk build results 20080829.1720

> On the mail I could read that pkgtools/pkgfind fails but on report.txt
> and packages_failed.txt I couldn't grep(1) it:

>     $ grep "pkgtools/pkgfind" report.txt packages_failed.txt

> On the mail I could read that:
 >>  pkgtools/pkgfind                  2     destdir 
 >>       pkgfind-20050804
> Why pkgtools/pkgfind isn't on report.txt and/or packages_failed.txt too?

This is strange. I've downloaded META/packages_failed.txt and report.txt
and pkgtools/pkgfind is in both files.

    0 distbb-logs>grep pkgtools/pkgfind report.txt packages_failed.txt
    report.txt:  pkgtools/pkgfind                  2     destdir
    report.txt:  wip/apstget                pkgtools/pkgfind  
    report.txt:  wip/pkg_fake               pkgtools/pkgfind  
    packages_failed.txt:pkgtools/pkgfind          pkgfind-20050804   
    0 distbb-logs>ls -la report.txt packages_failed.txt                 
    -rw-r--r--  1 cheusov  syntagma  220210 Aug 31 14:17 packages_failed.txt
    -rw-r--r--  1 cheusov  syntagma  545543 Aug 31 14:19 report.txt
    0 distbb-logs>md5 report.txt packages_failed.txt     
    MD5 (report.txt) = d5cebe86f96e2ef560447b504f4f78a4
    MD5 (packages_failed.txt) = 139720dae36edaac69fad3ca4e267d11
    0 distbb-logs>

 >> I don't care of that list on your server, since information in mail message
 >> should be enough for me.
> IMO a text version of the report is useful and more Unix friendly. And
> it's easier to grep(1) a simple text files than mails.

> It's also easier to code scripts like this simple Perl one-liner:

>     $ perl -MTerm::ANSIColor -pe 'print color /pkgsrc-users|leot/i ? "red" : 
> "yellow"' \
>       > < packages_failed.txt | less -R

True. And distbb provides all necessary reports for all stages of bulk
builds in a textual form.

META/report.txt               - this is sent to pkgsrc-bulk@ mailing list

META/packages_build_prev.txt  - packages built previously, there is
                                no reason to rebuild them
META/packages_build.txt       - sucesfully built packages
META/packages_total.txt       - META/packages_build_prev.txt +
                                             + META/packages_build.txt
META/packages_failed.txt      - directly failed packages
META/packages_failed_deps.txt - packages failed due to broken dependancies
META/packages_failed_scan.txt - packages failed in "scanning" stage.
                                This may happen because errors in Makefile,
                    "scanning" - generating the META/pkg_src_summary.txt

META/pkg_src_summary.txt       - pkgsrc source summary (close to pkg_summary(5)
                                 but for source packages)
META/build_src_summary_log.txt - log of building META/pkg_src_summary.txt
META/progress.txt              - how packages was built (chrologically)
META/summary_cmp.txt           - binary packages vs. pkgsrc source tree 

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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