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Re: pkgsrc-current-destdir Linux 2.6.24-1-686-bigmem/i686 bulk build results 20080716.1221

 >> I don't see any reason for this, sorry.  This section shows how many
 >> packages including dependancies are broken per package maintainer.
 >> And this information is very useful.

> Yeah, 'very useful' to you and very offensive for us.
> Think about it please.

Yes, this section is very useful and very interesing for me.  This is
why I wrote it. Offensive? I'm not a child and I assume pkgsrc
developers are not too. If you are in this list, be peaceful and
continue maintaining your packages. I will not discuss offensiveness
of this section. This is not blame-list, this is per maintainer

 >> say that in order to improve Linux support pkgsrc needs more packagers
 >> (package maintainers) running Linux.

> We more *useful* bugreports (a good bugreport is better than a bad patch!).

gnats contains lots bug reports sent by me. Most of them
concerns pkgsrc and optionally Linux.

Just to name a few

pkg/39170 [serious/medium]:
        devel/librxspencer: DESTDIR support and upgrade
pkg/38703 [non-critical/medium]:
        net/nagios-plugins fails on Linux because bin/dig is missed
pkg/38544 [serious/medium]:
        DESTDIR support for news/leafnode
pkg/38526 [serious/medium]:
        mail/ssmtp: support for DESTDIR and PKGMANDIR
pkg/38523 [serious/medium]:
        DESTDIR support for graphics/netpbm
pkg/38522 [serious/medium]:
        DESTDIR support for devel/cvsps
pkg/38392 [non-critical/medium]:
        x11/xxkb - support for different PKGMANDIR
pkg/37588 [serious/medium]:
        multimedia/xine-lib fails to build under Linux
pkg/37581 [serious/medium]:
        pkgsrc: packages failed under Linux (PLIST problem)
pkg/37293 [serious/medium]:
        misc/rpm fails to build under Linux
pkg/37146 [serious/medium]:
        emacs-w3m cannot be built with EMACS_TYPE=emacs22
pkg/37127 [serious/medium]:
        ElectricFence fails on Linux
pkg/37100 [serious/medium]:
        pkgtools/pbulk: scan stage fails on Linux
pkg/37096 [serious/medium]:
        wm/ion fails on Linux
pkg/36985 [non-critical/medium]:
        pbulk doesn't like .tbz (bzip2) extension for binary pkgsrc packages
pkg/36641 [non-critical/medium]:
        bug: pkg_chk -g requires pkgsrc source tree
pkg/36618 [non-critical/medium]:
        ./bootstrap --unprivileged failes on Interix
pkg/35668 [non-critical/medium]:
        new package for importing to pkgsrc: am-utils
pkg/35666 [non-critical/medium]:
        new package for importing to pkgsrc: xmms-skins
pkg/34040 [non-critical/medium]:
        audio/aumix breaks the terminal
pkg/33227 [serious/medium]:
        fixes and improvements for dict-server package
pkg/33222 [non-critical/medium]:
        wwwoffle daemon and root priviledges

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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