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Re: pkg/48931: Unable to compile x11/gtk2 on NetBSD 5.2/i386

On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 05:50:01AM +0000, David H. Gutteridge wrote:
 >  > Theoretically you should be able to install the pkgsrc versions of
 >  > just the parts that are newer (and the parts that depend on those
 >  > parts) but given that IIRC one of them is libX11 it's probably
 >  > futile.
 >  I've come to the same conclusion. I'd seen a discussion in tech-pkg
 >  in early June where it was stated "builtin X11 is sufficient unless
 >  using gtk3", but apparently that's no longer the case. (Or I just
 >  misunderstood the context of the discussion...)

That is not true - my misadventure with gtk2 resulting in no more gtk2
on -5 seems to be dated in early May. (If anyone's wondering I didn't
post/complain about it because it might be partly a local issue.)

 >  Setting a few preferences in /etc/mk.conf gets me farther:
 >  [...]

Rebuilding x11-links may "help" also.

Better off dropping it though - pkg_delete x11-links, change X11_TYPE
to "modular" (we really need to change that so it accepts "pkgsrc")
and rebuild all the packages where grep x11-links
/var/db/pkg/foo/+CONTENTS is nonempty.

David A. Holland

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