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Re: pkg/48931: Unable to compile x11/gtk2 on NetBSD 5.2/i386

The following reply was made to PR pkg/48931; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "David H. Gutteridge" <>
Subject: Re: pkg/48931: Unable to compile x11/gtk2 on NetBSD 5.2/i386
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 01:49:09 -0400

 On 2014-06-21, at 1:25 AM, David Holland wrote:
 > At this point I suspect you'd be better off using pkgsrc X11... the
 > native X11 in -5, even 5.2, is pretty old and it bitrots fast.
 > Theoretically you should be able to install the pkgsrc versions of
 > just the parts that are newer (and the parts that depend on those
 > parts) but given that IIRC one of them is libX11 it's probably
 > futile.
 I've come to the same conclusion. I'd seen a discussion in tech-pkg
 in early June where it was stated "builtin X11 is sufficient unless
 using gtk3", but apparently that's no longer the case. (Or I just
 misunderstood the context of the discussion...)
 Setting a few preferences in /etc/mk.conf gets me farther:
 But then I run into other problems, e.g. with libXi:
 =3D=3D=3D> Installing dependencies for libXi-1.7.2
 =3D> Tool dependency libtool-base>=3D2.2.6bnb3: found =
 =3D> Tool dependency pkg-config>=3D0.25: found pkg-config-0.28
 =3D> Build dependency x11-links>=3D0.91: found x11-links-0.91
 =3D> Build dependency inputproto>=3D2.3: found inputproto-2.3.1
 =3D> Build dependency xproto>=3D7.0.13: found xproto-7.0.26
 =3D> Build dependency xextproto>=3D7.0.3: found xextproto-7.3.0
 =3D> Build dependency fixesproto>=3D3.0.0: found fixesproto-5.0
 =3D> Build dependency xcb-proto>=3D1.4: found xcb-proto-1.10
 =3D> Full dependency libX11>=3D1.5: found libX11-1.6.2nb1
 =3D> Full dependency libXext>=3D1.1: found libXext-1.3.2
 =3D> Full dependency libXfixes>=3D4.0.1: found libXfixes-5.0.1
 =3D> Full dependency libxcb>=3D1.6: found libxcb-1.10
 checking for XFIXES... no
 configure: error: Package requirements (xfixes >=3D 5) were not met:
 Requested 'xfixes >=3D 5' but version of Xfixes is 4.0.3
 Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
 installed software in a non-standard prefix.
 Alternatively, you may set the environment variables XFIXES_CFLAGS
 and XFIXES_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
 See the pkg-config man page for more details.
 *** Error code 1
 make: stopped in /home/disciple/pkgsrc/x11/libXi
 I got around that one by manually editing where the link pointed for
 the xfixes.pc file, but then that just leads to:
 In file included from XGetCPtr.c:39:
 ../include/X11/extensions/XInput2.h:178: error: expected =
 specifier-qualifier-list before 'PointerBarrier'
 ../include/X11/extensions/XInput2.h:359: error: expected =
 specifier-qualifier-list before 'PointerBarrier'
 ../include/X11/extensions/XInput2.h:649: error: expected declaration =
 specifiers or '...' before 'PointerBarrier'
 *** Error code 1
 make: stopped in /home/disciple/pkgsrc/x11/libXi/work/libXi-1.7.2/src
 *** Error code 1
 Which is telling me I'm trying too hard and should find a better way.

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