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Re: pkg/48023: pkgsrc/math/lapack build failure 2013Q2 + NetBSD/i3866.1

markd@ wrote:

>  On Sunday 07 July 2013 21:40:22 Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
>  > Nonaka says his patch just "restores" the stack pointer on
>  > returning from main and the ABI doesn't matter with the issue.
>  While I can't comment on the ABI issues, I will note that the segfaults 
>  are in running lapack's test programs.  If you skip running them you can 
>  successfully install the package and there doesn't seem to be issues with 
>  its actual use - at least in the dependent packages that I build.

If the problem is in the test programs, skipping it may be fine.
But the suggested patch in PR/47906 fixes a source in lang/g95
so all binaries compiled by g95 won't work correctly and
I don't think it's a good idea to leave g95 package broken
and default even in the stable branch.

It looks there are following choice for g95 issue:
(1) fix g95 properly
(2) apply a workaround patch in PR/47906
(3) disable g95 and switch to f2c

but it also seems:
(1) no one is working on it
(2) blocked by "this is wrong" comment without alternative suggestion
(3) some developers say "there was a wrong dicision but any effort to
    change that is blocked"

On the other hand, most users just want working binaries of
SDL (which has dependency of pulseaudio -> libsamplerate -> fftw)
and ibus (which has py-gtk2 -> py-numpy) etc., and few packages
users want fortran support.

There are only ~70 packages that have USE_LANGUAGES=fortran lines
and actually ignoring failures of g95 test programs doesn't cause
any visible issue to use other major binaries.

So I'd simply suggest to disable fftw-fortran in math/fftw/
and py-numpy in x11/py-gtk2/ (and make all other possible
fortran dependency optional) by default so that most users can
happily ignore annoying "this is wrong/correct" dispute and
actual motivated fortran users who explicitly enable those options
will handle the issue.

Izumi Tsutsui

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