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Re: pkg/47828: sysutils/libpciaccess 0.13.1 incompatible with xorg-server 1.12.4?

As already asked above, if ati (radeon) doesn't work for you, the radeonhd could be an alternative:

     radeonhd is an Xorg driver for AMD GPG (ATI)  R5xx/R6xx/R7xx
     based video cards.

     At the time of this writing, radeonhd has the following lim-

     o Support for  hardware-based  2D  acceleration  and  Xvideo
       needs more testing on R6xx and R7xx based cards.

     o No TV and Component connector support so far.

     o After using the fglrx driver, radeonhd might fail to  work
       properly.  This combination is not and probably will never
       be supported.  A reboot  fixes  problems  in  most  cases,
       sometimes a powercycle is necessary.  Unloading the kernel
       module is typically not enough.

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