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Re: pkg/44699 (devel/ncurses does not install on Solaris)

Does this patch resolve the problem for you? (it does for me on
solaris 10 sparc w/gcc4.4.4)

--- Makefile    28 Feb 2011 11:02:46 -0000      1.85
+++ Makefile    11 Mar 2011 20:08:30 -0000
@@ -17,6 +17,14 @@
 # see misc/screen/PLIST for these:
 SUBST_SED.ti=          -e '/^screen|/,/^$$/d'
 SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce|/,/^$$/d'
+SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce.xterm-new|/,/^$$/d'
+SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce.rxvt|/,/^$$/d'
+SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce.Eterm|/,/^$$/d'
+SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce.mrxvt|/,/^$$/d'
+SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce.gnome|/,/^$$/d'
+SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce.konsole|/,/^$$/d'
+SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce.linux|/,/^$$/d'
+SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-bce.mlterm|/,/^$$/d'
 SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen-s|/,/^$$/d'
 # see ${TERMINFO_SRC} and look for use=screen for these
 SUBST_SED.ti+=         -e '/^screen.teraterm|/,/^$$/d'

The recent change to this package was just an update to v5.8, the
removal of the screen entries was already present before this update.
However it seems more screen entries were added in v5.8, this patch
matches and removes the new ones too.

 - Tim

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