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Re: pkg/44695: Please add build setting for multi-packages to _BUILD_DEFS [patch]

 >> Patch below provides a way to do this by adding new field "MULTI" to
 >> "Build information" in the binary file and pkgdb (pkg_info -B). At
 >> build time the variable MULTI is modified in
 >> lang/*/{apache,{py,php,ruby}version}.mk files and then (if defined) is
 >> added to _BUILD_DEFS.
>  Why not add it to BUILD_DEFS in, ... directly?

Do you mean


in lang/*/{apache,{py,php,ruby}version}.mk?

If it doesn't cause multiple MULTI= entires in binaries for, e.g.,
multi-python multi-php packages, I'm fine with it.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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