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Re: pkg/44598 (lang/gcc44 is broken on NetBSD, with patches)


> I updated lang/gcc44 to 4.4.5 last week. I was able to build that
> (including C++, Fortran, Java and ObjC) on NetBSD 5.x on i386, amd64 and
> alpha without any problems (and, without any additional patches).
> With your patches, it also built correctly on NetBSD-current on amd64.
> (A minor change to patch-aj was necessary to include sys/param.h)

It works for NetBSD-current on i386 with the patches (Java disabled)
and yes, sys/param.h is necessary. It was included in my latest patches
'patches in patch form'. Sorry. if I created a lot of traffic on the list.

Can you send your results of make test on i386 with 5.1 ? I will run
it on current and take a look at the remaining problems.

Thanks a lot for working on this,


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